Contain the method of puissant bait
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Lure manage analysis:

Rice of fishing king muskiness, its lure force to had gotten the whole nation angles friend confirms, need not I say more. Wine of classics of its muskiness rice has immersed, wine flavour and musk deer fragrance are comprised in all lead style, its penetration is more forceful, I am old try out effect is not general.

Millet is lured in feeding small individual fish, those who feed is difficult full, long search in the nest feed;

Smell is inhaled after rice is fried via exploding sufficient, lead force strong, can inspect strong, size fish is taken feed, but not much, do not search twice again;

Millet has case, small fish pharynx does not fall in, be expected to cannot be reached, millet is sending out in the for a long time in the nest fragrance, although millet rice by dispose of, the fragrance of millet still is sending out, the fish also won't leave a pit, and the preference that millet is big fish, it is to be lured technically angle top grade of big carp big straw. Gram is to give a fish comprehensive and compensatory nourishment, also be the preference of big fish.

1, component: Millet 3 jins, rice 1. 5 jins, millet 1. 5 jins, gram half jins.

Rice of fishing king muskiness 3 packets (every install 4 packet inside the bag) , muskiness is humoral essence 2.

Music wine (~35 of wine of music of card of a small bay in a river is spent / 5 yuan a bottle) 1 jin, farmhouse home-brewed 1 jin.

2, the process that make: (when using 3 hours)

A, fry millet first, fry in putting a basin to the boiler since halfway millet pop.

Rice and gram are fried after, fry to rice small become yellow the boiler since 4 excessive pours aroma into millet basin.

Fry millet, be not 29 times fry sweet yellow. Boiler falls into the basin since, mix.

In the B, process that awaits refrigeration, wine mix up: Two jins of wine enter unified Xian Chen how old in out-of-round. Open

Humoral essence pours muskiness into wine. (when opening humoral essence inadvertent, pulled a mouth to gashed finger to give dot blood. )

C, mix cereal, somewhat when temperature, open rice of 3 packets of big muskiness, continue to mix into cereal. 3 it is good to load 3 equipments unified Xian Chen are how old in bottle, not replete, fitted the pattern of 3/4 about / in pouring muskiness wine into cereal bottle finally. Became.

Treat form simple, make it is not easy. Sufficient used 3 hours.

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