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The relation of use bait makings and water quality, the element that causes water quality of marine and local water area to produce change is very much, but overall do not exclude natural ingredient and factitious factor two kinds. Natural ingredient it may not be a bad idea, factitious element, be helpful for the beauty of go angling already, also put in the disadvantage that goes against go angling at the same time, cannot treat as the same.

” of “ make a profit in troubled situation. Benefit a little factitious element forms the muddy water division at go angling: Breed ﹑ catching ship to leave aquatic product in the discharge inside harbor pool, many ort mud is aspersed fall at sea mile, draw school patronage; Aquatic product breed aquatics discharges balsa to wash basket ﹑ results, depend on the ﹑ of Nereid of parasitism of ﹑ of Bei Miao of shrimp young ﹑ on pot and cable is tender algal include silt to fall off in succession, speak sweep past loot of the person that feed; Fill construction of sea wall dam to be in, slop swims downward along with ocean current diffuse flow, water quality by clear turn into cloudy, avoided natural enemy to create conceal condition artificially for small-sized fish. Fish of muddy water district is photographed feed main support smell, strange raw meat or fish of bait of saline be soiled is clinking, can draw piggish shoal of fish of course, accordingly, bait of saline be soiled should be used more in go angling process, with getting used to fish photograph feed habit.

It is with Dalian south maritime space exemple, suffer south wind to slant below the weather condition that south wind and shade wet air current affect strongly, fierce wind blows hard, rain cats and dogs, offing is surfy, underwater flies to take rock dene, the algal tuck diveseethe following wave of a large number of broken, the ” of “ clam faery that is hidden in beach besmear ground floor repeatedly also fails escape by the skin of one's teeth, have one's body smashed to pieces, by cast flintily on beach (common says “ sends sea ” ) . Wind stays billow pass the time in a leisurely way, water quality is muddy, there are a large number of organic bait makingses to drift with the tide in the water quality since sedimentary extensive, the school that to deep water safety water area takes refugee temporarily can miss good opportunity, cannot be able to bear or endure urgently return fatten maritime space, not only photograph feed intensity tall, and vigilance is reduced greatly, ” of hungry hawk of full fish of common saying “ , true truly. Dragon of god of the “ when Lian Ping sees a big weever that does not see end ” also take the advantage of this opportunity to walk along bout ” chicly to “ of area of bank shallow water, capture lives one end, ten jins is it. Contain the sea area that industrial chemicals sewage of heavy metal ﹑ pollutes badly, be flowed into by the river that civil sewage pollutes town big talk, bad smell smokes a day, mawkish, do not have a fish to be able to angle; Angle field maritime space is worth bare tide to happen, bare current organisms consumes dissolved oxygen of the much in water, produce toxin, it is normal to bring about marine biology directly the structure suffers complete destruction, briny color dark flavour is smelly, food chain is interrupted, school become separated in flight or death, do not have a fish to be able to angle. Waste with what kind of bait at this moment kongfu, be inferior to hitting a your home before it is too late.
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