Use bait makings and water quality, water is warm the relation that reachs finge
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” of “ one should not demand absolute purity. Water quality is clear, visual function of the fish develops relative to Yan Minrui, careful to outside interference observation, photograph feed discretion, recreant do not hit out easily. Angle clear water had better choose vivid lure, after red centipede, green centipede gets hurt can survive for long, struggle to the utmost on fishhook, screwy, move move is sharp, the target is apparent, belong to first-class bait. A few petty red Nereid, green Nereid also can be used, but the principle is in collecting a process, did not get hurt, in saving a process, did not die, the bait that wriggles after all wants more degenerative than dying bait to have appeal more. Had died but the bait with new quality of a material is not not OK use, but had better be to be in the ocean current, water area that has light wave is used, because ocean current and ocean wave can drive bait hook to follow,this is shed graceful dance, gift feel in order to move without the bait of vitality, make school discovers bait more easily thereby, atttack bait to set foot on then do not put in a road 's charge.

Use bait makings and water concern lukewarmly, “ ice changes ichthyosaur to move, ground cold wood revive ” . Spring breeze is swayed, everythings on earth anabiosises, school passes one winter suffer, physical ability is used up in great quantities, the constitution is very frail, be badly in need of filling the belly that full empty stomach rumbles. Although return justifiable,have an opening, but as a result of water lukewarm on the low side, airframe metabolism still is in adjust level, move because this school languid is lazy less, the activity is feudal and opposite narrow, be not what the bait of dense of apparent, fishy smell feeds the target to let them hard to one's mind disturbed. Centipede of small vivid lake, body degree of finish is appropriate, in the death struggle on fishhook, the fish deglutition with facilitating inflexible mouth. Spring at the beginning of end summer during, water is warm lift gradually, most fingerling has been finished plant group of breed, enter fatten to photograph feed fastigium. At this moment their territory is wide, catch dyspepsia pole, hit out decisive, anything but messy, it is accept everything to food all along, not strict to the character requirement of bait. Spring is coastal beach besmear Nereid is resourceful, after withered tide collect very easily, the proposal is multi-purpose vivid bait, in order to reduce the expenditure of bait.

“ drizzle fish place, inclined ” of gentle breeze swallow. Scorching in July, faint south wind envelops northward sea area, wen Jugao of water of shallow water area does not fall, benthon pilfer bait is rampant. Water Wen Gaoyu is active, photograph feed behavior active and active, but exorbitant harmful and profitless. Relative to character, two time compare the time in summer cool, the school of anorexia in succession unkennel forages, can capture an opportunity to angle. Bait is given priority to with bait of damp-dry salt be soiled, can resist the nibble of benthon. Red Nereid of saline be soiled, green Nereid is withy and durable, should not be corrupt, carry convenient, it is best bait.
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