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Cicada of “ incomplete heat is urged, xin Qiuyan brings ” . Autumn wind is bleak, fly south brambling, seawater begins fall after a rise, school also enters phase of physical ability of deposit live through the winter, photograph feed intensity approximately mad, old fishing calls angle “ fatten ” . Because autumn is the physical ability before school live through the winter additional important period, the mass that feeds to bait so does not nag basically, if can increase nutrition, it is to the more the better commonly. With stringing together hook bottom to angle 6 lines fish and goby are polyphagia exemple, can entice the Nereid of two kinds of different character lump is used. Specific means is: The upside that string together a hook angles hook lives 1 times sea centipede, and bottom red Nereid of be soiled of 2 hook salt, such bait reachs the action with complementary advantage since assorted general. Swallow the bait bait wriggles intense, move feeling body sense to have both, can bring a fish to enter nest place. Next hook pickled Nereid entice, love a hook to return fishy smell to highlight, and one bait can angle many fish and “ does not issue hillock ” , achieve the result of get twice the result with half the effort thereby.

Old man of large bamboo hat of Suo of “ Gu boat, angle alone ” of cold Jiang Xue. Northward winter, a thousand li is icebound, 10 thousand lis of snow wave, seaside hollowness ground is unusually cold, the school of area of perch shallow water writtens guarantee group migrate to habitat of deep water live through the winter, only individual cold-resistant fish is planted and the trench with seabed special physical features of a place still has ” of a few “ stragglers and disbanded soldiers to be in to live business. Cold wind howl, glacial water is biting, water is warm already had dropped 4 ℃ are the following, school is rare and active the action that seeks bait, with bait ought to more exquisite, with catching gotten not easy opportunity for combat. The red centipede work uses floodwater on low-lying land of salt of refined salt appreciably, those who let vivid bug is humoral spill over, quality of a material shrinks hard can use immediately. Colour and lustre is colourful red, the bait with body thick fishy smell feeds inevitable meeting to make school hears raw meat or fish and be moved, fall into fishing person to set the trap below. Because freezing meeting makes vivid Nereid frostbite turns water, do not have color of tenacity easy unhook to differ, do not advocate the Nereid that use work to come so go angling, this is the viewpoint of author individual only, the letter is not believed by you.

Use bait expects the relation “ close hill of fingerling knows bird news, close water knows piscine feeling. ” fingerling is different, photograph feed behavior to have a characteristic each, to the character of bait requirement be pregnant has evil natural fair and reasonable. One party natural environment raises one party person, one party fish eats one party to entice, alleged good (H ǎ O) eat had been inferior to (Hào) eats, so even if is the sea angles the Nereid of ” of “ all-purpose bait kind, also existing likewise to the temptation of school the cent that volume loses by force, cannot of treat as the same.
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