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6 lines fish and goby are the coastal waters fish with the commonnest this locality, traditional ground drops the long shot that string together a hook angles law, it is the go angling step with extremely strong specific aim, on the fishhook of fall asleep of sank sea floor, should hang only in having 4 kinds of afore-mentioned Nereid any, cannot cross how long, school can be contended for round fishhook all round grab. Although Xing Kangji eel belongs to fish of feral carnivorous sex, but photograph feed habit inherent however overcautious, affirm punching bag does not have danger only, just can be at ease take food boldly. Bait uses fresh red Nereid, fishhook concealments the gender is good, successful and procurable odds can increase a lot of.

Weever belongs to fish of feral carnivorous sex, plant group of distributinging range are wide, chang Jiequn forages habitat, with bottom dropping the long shot that string together a hook angles the way has contribution hard however. If use float to troll, the athletic intensity that entices red Nereid rises artificially, weever can chase after the hook that kill bait accordingly, angle obtain times adding is by no means hyperbole. Make a family name smooth 鲉 eating patterns is fierce, hook discretion has in shallow water and dead water, very few meeting is right bait group rise and attack. It is bait pledges second flavour is differred, the appetite of incorrect school? Blame also! According to the author's experience, the pattern of real reason or bait is not quite clear, cause school to be opposite delicate turn a blind eye to. Adopt practice, in the night that stretchs his hand not to see the five fingers, or it is depth of water sheds urgent deep water area to use Nereid bait to troll, make a family name make the same score 鲉 to change to eat undemonstratively picture, as in the ground like demon atttacks bait hook, what the configuration of visible bait affects to go angling effect is big.

Bait uses the mouth that still should consider object fish to crack size, go angling weever, make a family name make the same score 鲉 and the big mouth fish such as Xing Kangji eel to use bulky bait just as well, angle conversely the mouth such as stone plaice, balloonfish, small black porgy and 鲀 of aspect of green fim horse fish that is like bean size, the red Nereid of reoccupy cigarette degree of finish or green Nereid make bait, unapt believe when author of ” of “ air force, but angling the basin estimates completely earthen bowl is completely is to lie.

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