How to choose bait recipe
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Bait is to be inFishingin the process indispensable. But how should want the result with the superior be favored with of be favored with that ability makes? This is about to see your weather that day, FishingThe regimen of the place, relief. The concentration that I expect to how choosing lure is below view and experience hope everybody can like!

Prepared good bait, if be drawn quickly and do not stay in school inside the nest, still also cannot get expectant result. Entice except the hook so and outside, have good bait even. The action of bait, make the fish sees food namely or smell alimental fragrance, bring a fish to feed, make there often is a fish inside the nest.

Be in a lot of places, FishingLover is commonly used rice or millet, add wine to immerse. As bait. Its reason is grain of rice small, the fish is swallowed there can be a few again after eating from branchial in leakage, eat not easily immediately. Grain of rice immerses in water can will long not degenerative, be out of shape enrol a fish easily. Flooey of useful also lees, candy makes bait, because its fragrance is thick, send out fast, draw shoal of fish extremely easily, but it is not able to bear or endure feed, abiding performance is a few poorer also. Useful still also fry cake of pink of ripe Mai Yi, soya bean, colza, red Chinese trumpet creeper to wait mix those who hold a group to do to make bait, its characteristic is OK the amount is a few larger, the dip that enter water can become mist state after bubble, suit fish to swallow eat, action fish should compare grain of rice fast. So some go angling person use at the same time with rice nest again, get better result. Its method is to had been chosen make an appointment with hind, scatter rice nest with the hand first, limits but a few wider, come about in 2 square metre, scatter what the commissariat that holds a group makes to mix a nest again next. Every other renews a nest to 2 hours, make the fish gets together and do not come loose. Current, the feeds chickling mixed feed that sells on the market, its component also has the power that lure a fish very much, those who use entice to bring, handy easy. In the past, often somebody thinks nest child bait makings is put much, the fish is satiate won't bite, this has stated reason of course. But remove bait to always have limit above all, it is bait compares bait again more advanced and careful, fish has “ to contend for the habit that feeds a ” , want school to draw only, still grab above all eat the best thing, reach the rest again next. The purpose is to make the fish can stop come down, angle with sweet bait, be like not a few more multi-purpose bait with respect to short of this purpose. Just stimulate bait or fill should decrease as far as possible when the nest shake, that ability is the dot that should abstain from most.

Still have a kind of empty check that just have taste and does not have objective. Empty nest is the water of the % that use 6O, the music wine of 1O % , the balm compound liquid of 30 % matchs. The liquid that will matched when go angling leads your field, on the spot takes land, infiltration liquid burden, knead slimy group investment to angle dot, the fish sniffs scent and come, cannot discover food again, swim inside the nest big, this nowadays hooks fish with a hook and line, angle extremely easily obtain. Still the person that angle mixes soy chamfer to make a check with acetic flooey child, makings of this kind of nest has powerful acerbity choke taste, the ideal that is the silver carp that lead market, variegated carp removes bait, angle technically silver crap, variegated carp.
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