How to choose bait recipe
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Make mobile check, it is to lure a fish to be not devoured easy to doly by the fish again already nothing more than, often use poriferous cloth to had wrapped bait so, make bait expects can a few from Kong Tizhong slowly soak, go up in bait again bundle of one buoy. (and so on of the lever that be like wheat) , measure good depth of water, put piscine check, want a fish to eat only in feeding the jiggle that can go up from buoy, observe piscine affection, facilitating Shi Jun, when waiting for need to change the position, bundle of line on bait bag pullback can. In bait of bone of useful also flesh, still be a lasting effect nothing more than. The person that have fun at mights as well try.

Make a check with bait, can have mobile nest and fixed check not, fixed nest is to put in bait hind to call in no longer, mobile nest is a basis the circumstance can move, but make and put in more troublesome, especially after the fish swallows the bait, secure fishhook very easily together nest child the line tangles together, disturbed fish farm. Angle big fish avoids very hard especially, it is to angle the fish on does not run namely, also can affect the following fish with a hook and line. But as a kind of method, also might as well understand.

Besides be restricted the nest is restricted to be apart fromFishingThe match, when free fish with a hook and line, might as well scatter a few nests more child, OK and preferred and with, have whirly effect. But the nest is apart from due quite distance, do not have reduplicative effect, the effect instead not beautiful.

In addition, with sea pole go angling, because go angling distance is far, general inconvenience makes a check, can think way on bait only, it is bait also has bait effect namely. Useful also bamboo slip installs bait, remote cast bait, but forbid more. Of course, be in truly maritime space your sea fish, that can scatter within the country to make bait definitely with small fish or cruelly oppress. Latter, sea rod big fish, faddish whole nation, the pole that use the of great capacity casts bait repeatedly, fishway of feasible adult labour, more apply angle. One is to use scamper slip hook to accuse to go up first easy dissolve is fed at the flooey of water for bait, nest of many dozens of a few feasible adult fish. Nevertheless, want the experienced good technology that cast pole, the distance that every cast cannot exceed ability of 2 meters of limits to do, if pitch pole technology not beautiful, cast east cast on the west instead not beautiful.

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