Hit a nest to angle crucian carp fish uses bait
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Angling crucian carp fish uses bait scent basically is sweet it is sweet; color next basically be bright (be like white. Yellow. Vivid bait red bug is brighter) ; dosage would rather little one cannot if much; is to use rub to pull bait, would rather soft one cannot hard, if be to be afraid that bait expects the retention period on the hook is too brief, can add more a little a bit pink that pull silk and touch pink. Use rub of all sorts of fish of commodity crucian carp to pull bait especially, by its the 20 % of weight join Bai Sha candy, add a bit pink that pull silk a little again, angle effect is met many apparently tall. Use an earthworm namely wild angle, if hung up the earthworm of the hook is in chroma is touched in very big syrup (piece small bottle is used before angling by Bai Sha candy. Water 1 : Times fluid? issues a hook to enter water again, the effect can be compared pure be close friends with the earthworm a lot of.

1) . With makings: ⑹ of mansion of dog of deficient of act of Lan of word of ⒊ of consult Cheng Qia warmths ablaze vent in the sides of a garment drinks Qiao of Jin ⒍ ∠ spills 1 of? of soil wishing  : ? 2: Thin spring of? of be ignorant of of Wo of the Huaihe River of 4 leech cliff 10 to 30 grams, red-letter day of summer, fall 50 to 100 grams. Be troubled by the place with small little fish one day to hit arrive twice nest can, the place with small much fish is hit one day 3 arrive 4 times.

2) . With makings: Lan of word of ⒊ of  of  of ㄉ of hazel of ⑺ of consult Cheng Qia takes ∶ of eminent two ⑿ to live 1 of? of soil of  of ⑾ bold Jia: ? 4: ? 1 . The dosage that make a check is Alexandrine.

3) . Blue 3 crucian carp, add white sanded sugar 19, add fry ripe soya bean pink one a unit of weight, after mixing, take 30 to 50 grams, with angle agitate becomes the water of the dot to infiltrate mushily angle dot. Hair check is quick, the effect is good. But bait of link up with must use La San crucian carp to add white sanded sugar, or rub or play the effect very good (that is afraid of is to be in mix raise a pond to angle, the 90% above that swallow the bait are) of crucian carp fish.

4) . Brown sugar 2000 grams, Mai Fu 2000 grams, millet is 500 grams, broken soya-bean cake 1000 grams, in putting brown sugar bowl first, heat become mushy, a few kinds of expect join immediately general other rapid mix is even in boiler boiler of of people of talent, wait cool when coming not to warm a hand, the group that holds egg or fist size to differ is again cool, when plastic generation is not put to reserve when have a hand in. Arrive when flood library or laky go angling infiltrate in the nest, can last go angling 7----15 days need not add nest, and the fish angles more more, after making a check the 3rd arrive 10 days between the effect is best.

Music wine recipe: Music wine a jin (Shannaiduo is put, grass is buckled, fennel is put more, cassia bark, sweet leaf, lilac, orange skin) bubble 10 jins of millet, the time that wine wants bubble is a bit longer, be in after bubble is good bubble rice, general wine bubble 15 days, in bubble millet 15 days can be used, time grows better more. Angle crucian carp fish makes a check first-rate with, like angling the carp hits a nest to add this millet effect outstanding.
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