Recommend a few kinds autumn fishing entices
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The autumn is fish photographs the flourishing that feed to feed period, all sorts of fish are preparing hibernate, eat accumulation wildly adipose, time is probably at the beginning of September to the end of October, in former years often angles in Xi'an area by November, this paragraph of time is among a year optimal two time paragraph among them. Make the best of time, can have good results, basically hang downFishingPlant, crucian carp fish, carp, grass carp, recommend a few kinds here autumnFishingBait in order to offer broad angle friendly try out:

(one) earthworm and maggot bug, head push need not say oneself.

(2) corn face 7, had better be yellow is finer better, flour two, face of polished glutinous rice one, join a few white sugar, put together mix is even, develop Shang Chengchou with boiled water mushy, rare stiff degree with can make it steamed bread of corn is a standard, on basket evaporate goes 20 minutes, appear put cool break knead to become a group, essence of a few banana is joined when knead, join a few clove. Hill Nai. Music wine, ten million cannot be put much, much the effect is no good instead. A common saying says well, “ all corners of the country is a piece of paper, disclose is broken not worth half grain ” , the making key of this kind of bait is on soft hardness, peace is soft not hard, flavor peace is little not much.

(3) a yam that bake is added again on the foundation that a kind of bait expects afore, knead becomes a group, the result is right also, also be a bit softer good.

(4) will fresh corn hits into paste with beater:

(1/3 paste of A) . 1/3 bubble sends grain bait. 1/3 chicken feed, put a bit flavor, add a bit alcoholic drink, with flour tone sticks consistency, bait of bomb of lever of the sea that make is very good with.

(After B) filters corn paste, join flour, add to fry sweet yellow bean flour again, any flavor need not be added, knead is become a bit softer than earlobe, making bait also is those who comparative is pretty good, those who have fun at angle friend can try.

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