5 kinds angle silver crap bait expects
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5 kinds angle silver crap bait expects:

The first kind, with fine corn face 4 two, prosperous and strong pink 1 2. With cold water knead dough, make steam of steamed bread of corn ripe. The air after giving boiler a little while, with warming a hand advisable, break small, knead becomes state of powdery broken bits, in taking the advantage of heat to be put into clean polybag, eduction of the air in bag, plunge into close bag mouth, make its and outside air completely cut off, lest the bacterium is affected. To make its close close, polybag of usable 3~4 layer laps. Every should plunge into close bag mouth, park burning sun issues insolate three days, turn into namely sour is fed.

The 2nd kind, with fine corn face 3 two, prosperous and strong pink half, wheat bran (pulverize) half, brown sugar a few of 2 money, saccharin, by knead dough of the first kind of method, evaporate ripe, ferment, become namely sweet smelly bait.

The 3rd kind, grind soya-bean cake and wheat bran the face, each are taken 2 two add face of half fine corn, half prosperous and strong pink again, knead dough, evaporate is ripe, ferment, long-term and sealed save, hibernate classics year better, become pure black namely sour bait.

The 4th kind, in above in 3 kinds of course of action, join before evaporate steamed bread of corn cut extremely extremely finely delicate broken leek last stage half. Same evaporate is ripe, ferment, can make smelly bait of dish juice sour. Additional, in above after evaporate of 3 kinds of steamed bread of corn is ripe, join L of yellow rice or millet wine two (or liquor half) , thereby knead, bagging, ferment (time should grow one times) , make smelly bait of wine flavour sour namely.

The 5th kind, general cooked wheaten food or every time cooked wheaten food of remnant of go angling place, collect traditional Chinese clothes is inside polybag, sealed save, or put in the insolate below burning sun, as time passes, also be sour smelly bait changeably. If sealed good, lie between year use or old hind use, the effect is much better.

Sour smelly cooked wheaten food mostly relatively stick softer, apply a better cooked wheaten food should prepare first before angling, both knead is together, square good link up with is applied angle. Because the silver carp often is below consciousness or not self-conscious circumstance,absorb bait, so this is planted bait should a bit a few smaller, be like soya bean commonly big or corn bead is big can. Cannot exceed horsebean bead size greatly most.

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