Piscine line knowledge explains
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The simplest line, nothing is more... than uses cotton thread, twine and silk yarn. These old line, also did not know to use how many century. The pulling force of linen-cotton line is real too poor, silk thread is a few more ambitious than the pulling force of linen-cotton line, but their collective weakness is tensile small, and bibulous still, resistance is great, outspread degree big, this is not good piscine line of course.

In the country, angle hand people the cercus that use a horse is become line, they close with wool of 2~3 root horsetail it is, join after that rise to be used when line. Still have very much when join exquisite, make contact swings to lower part, call " downstream to pull " , can reduce the resistance of water. Become with horsetail line, have certain pulling force already, do not touch water again, the person that uses in our country country is more.

There still is a kind of line before, be in using a wood one kind calls " ocean to pull child the white veins that stand out under the skin of " bug. Ocean of this kind of " is pulled child " some is long about 7 8 centimeters one, it grows full poisonous thorn all over, the person is touched on it, the skin is red, ground of feeling terribly hot is painful. People gashs its back with the knife, there is a wide line inside body like white veins that stand out under the skin, can pull arbitrarily long. After people has it the quality of work with grow certain, put into vinegar to immerse instantly, it is lengthened no longer with respect to stability and shortened, make a white line that grows about 40 50 centimeters one translucent record. Use such many " after that join of white line " rises, make it line, have certain pulling force already, do not touch water again, still lose sight of into water hind, it suits to angle small-sized fish.

Of polyamide fibber line come out, start a new scope of operation to go angling activity. Present polyamide fibber line, be angled hand people love. Above all, polyamide fibber line has powerful pulling force, not bibulous, resistance is little, diaphaneity is tall, fish not easy discovery. But aught has double sex, although polyamide fibber line has a lot of advantages, but also have a few apparent weakness, for example the pulling force that after it is afraid of the extruding that gets good thing, knot, its tubercle manages is reduced greatly, flexibility can be lost to harden after classics insolation wind is blown hair is fragile etc. But the progress as science and technology, these insufficient place get improvement stage by stage. For example the line of common polyamide fibber that our country produces so, pulling force is smaller, be inferior to a few congener products of abroad, but the high strenth that our country produces now is low line of outspread polyamide fibber, quality is very good, can rival with foreign product,

Divide sheet now besides polyamide fibber line, still one kind wrings the line of multifilament polyamide fibber that close and becomes. This each line retractility is small, pulling force is large, do not be afraid of extruding, have better plasticity. A lot of now angling that the hand often is become with it cerebral line. Still some angle the hand uses thick polyamide fibber wire to angle in the sea big fish.
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