Piscine line knowledge explains
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Now the production of piscine line also as high-tech intervene, had saltant development again, be like line of pottery and porcelain is among them one of, it is to use high polymer polymerization to material passes technical divisions manage for many times and be become, make force of its wearability, tension, tubercle destroys the field such as rate, raise the rate with incomparable line of general polyamide fibber. Abroad returns those who produce a kind of superfine fibber to braid a line, it every line department is comprised by 1000 fine fibre, allegedly it does not have flexibility, not bibulous, line knot angles force still maintains 100 percent, pulling force is gotten greatly breathtaking, the wire with a 0.3 thick millimeter, its angle force can amount to 21 kilograms unexpectedly. Diameter of its cross section reachs some lines only of hair very one of, but what its angle force exceeds hair however is decuple. Returning some line is to use ballproof garment material to be made, it is scissors helpless also to it.

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