How to choose the tone sex of hand pole and fishing rod
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The tone sex of fishing rod is very crucial, make an example, 2 - the battle lever of 8 attune is willing the ground 2. How to choose the tone sex of hand pole and fishing rod? Oneself explain to everybody with old fishing experience, in order to offer reference of novice of a few go angling.

I discover a lot of friends that buy pole are a novice, try outdoors fishing exercise for the first time, perhaps be others choose and buy, the sort as a result of fishing rod and professional stronger, select material is used material is more complex, and shop on the net should pay postage, the bad meeting that chooses so gives buy the home to sell the home to bring inconvenience, the choice of lever of while you're at it and classification say simply now.

The tone sex of pole is the soft strong pitch that points to body of fishing pole pole. Move a gender differentiate depend on making fishing rod suits to differ at go angling fish, different angle the need design of the law is made. The divisional method that moves a gender is: Differentiate fishing rod endlong 10 etc paragraph, the level holds pole, the tangent dot that curves formation radian at pole body nature is in the position, move sexual basis to decide. If the point of tangency of arc is advanced,one paragraph moves pole forcedly to exceed, also call 1.9 attune sex; Advanced 2 paragraphs are firm tone pole, also call 2.8 attune sex, advanced pole of sex of the 3 attune in Duanwei, also call 3.7 attune sex; Advanced 4 paragraphs are the soft pole that move a gender, also call 4.5 attune sex, advanced pole of 5 sex of Duan Weichao weak tone, also call 5.5 attune sex. The tone sex of cogent choice pole, the function to producing fishing rod adequately and the fish that have specific aim at go angling aptly and apply angle the method is very important. The fishing rod of not unisonant sex has its different character and respective good qualities and inadequacy.

Have rich flexibility; Pole body is fine, opposite weight is light; It is good to angle pole feel is held after the fish; Particularly appropriate at angling small-sized fish; The stretch tension of facilitating play fishing rod is cast cast angle group. Go up when the fish, pull a fish to enter protect slow: Very not comfortable at angling big fish.

Move sexual moderate, comfortable mix at a variety of go angling water area angle the law is used; After fish swallows a hook to entice, before paragraph pole body, pole needle response is sensitive; Feel moderate. Hold pole to cast cast angle the team is worse, special encounter have when wind-force is bigger cast harder cast.

Applicable there is sundry water area to use in aquatic, surface, can use long rod short wire, vertical line to angle law; Comfortable at the match; Bring a fish to enter protect fast; More comfortable at angling big fish. Pole system is excellent, angle when big fish, carry pole breaks pole easily too suddenly.

Do not know those who say is comprehensive, but identify what know oneself really to tell everybody, hope to was inspired to everybody.
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