Skill of piscine lever choose and buy
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The choice point of ordinary hand pole reachs what fishing rod moves a gender to discuss, angle with benefit reader friendly people way of a choice, by [graph one] in we are OK very clear understanding arrives, a life grows to be able to bear or endure again the fishing rod design of * , it is to need to be like the pattern that the place in the graph shows to make surely, it is in the first curve (the angle of the fish in i.e. ) , the outbreak of whole fish force must very can even distributing to go to the 3rd first in pole, this place says for " rebound force area " , the fishing rod with a good design is in the advantage that can show it most right now, the force that struggles the fish is very average in this section distributing to come, make a fish not easy not only unhook desert, piscine line ruptures not easily, the person that the stress that relies on to write fishing rod at the same time makes angle need not too powerful force can reach the area with great fish the 2nd, the 3rd curve, the 2nd, the area of the fish that it is rich that the section of the 3rd curve weighs, go up by what spend at horn in this section raise, make rebound force more and more forth paragraph and go, the point of view of i.e. fishing rod is older, the section of rebound force is less, come eventually fish the force disappears remove a fish to be captured - .

The fishing rod that has a few in the bookshops moves gender, hardness to emphasize its, become fishing rod to compare one section weak point, i.e. yuan diameter (handgrip section) the following and degressive, be like,can arise [graph 2] be shown, the force is in rebound to go up centrally, what consequence does this meeting cause? The first, fishing rod ruptures more easily, if want to rupture not easily to want to strengthen ply of fishing rod tube wall, add needless weight the 2nd, the consenescence of fishing rod period arise ahead of schedule, by Wu Zhi the dot is in from beginning to end same position, force cannot very average distributing the other place at fishing rod, of course such fishing rod is very easy with respect to bate decline, the 3rd, the person that angle is easy and tired, by the effect at lever principle, cause it is physical strength, easy of course to angle friend needs additional overpay goes out tired, each reader, knew a value that designs admirable fishing rod so?

Want those who talk is fishing rod to angle next sexual problem, actually of fishing rod angle the gender is a very abstract noun, how will upright decide it? Is how will judge this to raise fishing rod 19 attune, 28 attune be still 37 attune? The idea that perhaps meeting in order to goes to the reader says: "The bent angle after seeing fishing rod get power comes to those who judge it angle quality " , OK, the issue came, does fishing rod get power?

Get much less power after all? Are 300 grams still 1000 grams? The rate that actually each fishing rod gets power is not certain and same, how will distinguish? Should be in order to design at the beginning of the piscine body bulk that be aimed at will decide, can be the fraction that involves weight of fishing rod feel again, what calls pole of fishing rod hand weight? Actually identical the hand pole that is 150 fair grams, when reach of centre of gravity, you can feel this raises fishing rod to appear to be weighed quite, conversely criterion you can think to compare light, that issue comes again, why to move the centre of gravity of fishing rod toward after entirely, do not feel lighter? Incorrect, the fishing rod of reach of centre of gravity is to should let you use in
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