Skill of piscine lever choose and buy
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FishingUse when put oneself in another's position is larger, by also can increase at the rebound force when the 栘 before centre of gravity, be in so rich fish when the person that angle but Jie writes fishing rod accuse the 1 force that reduces itself place to use natively, do so you say each fishing rod has special utility close? Want to choose pair of fishing rod only, just can not let you be enjoyedFishingfun, can make you relaxed and happy more.

integrated afore-mentioned point, the author the choose and buy a good fishing rod induces a few the following keys, angle friendly people can choose a fishing rod that suits oneself according to the demand of itself, 1, soft hardness, 2, yuan diameter, 3, weight, 4, equilibrium point, 5, remove piscine speed to wait for 5 big: Here author not tire of its irritated emphasis a key, be not lost by the watch of fishing rod, the fishing rod of identical weight, with respect to meeting generation when different load sensuous weight differs, the purpose that the end of displacement of weight centre of gravity of fishing rod bilks you to use and calm.

The labor law of the problem that what next the author should introduce is qualitative respect of fishing rod material and treatment, the fishing rod that carbon fiber material has been almost on market at present, and the carbolic fine data that uses among them besides factory itself, alien is unintelligible almost arrive, can the is informed its place to use material from the approximate in advertisement, be in the first paragraph with the author when special emphasizing wanting to choose the brand with good reputation is this reason, author at hand has come from data of interior of Japanese former plant, can consult for readers, and it is you need the material ability designation that uses this firm is above fishing rod, the carbolic fine material of among them NVC delegate fishing rod is advanced of small amount, SNVC is to represent the superlative degree to exceed material of fine of small amount carbon, of course, besides grade of material especially, in law of whole the labor that make rod, can saying to the influence of fishing rod is to have conclusive place, common treatment coils besides freely in the law outside making, the Loop that still calls somewhat machines a law, be in namely pole embryo is exterior coil again cloth of fine of carbon of Rao Yi layer comes copy fills transversely strong, this kind of fishing rod is more durable of course, but the treatment way that at present one kind calls LASER, this kind of way that machines a method to also follow Loop actually is same, just doing transverse what what when strengthening, use is cloth of fine of carbon exceeding book, add jackknife to pester forgive, not only intensity promotes 120 % up, more make the face smooth and beautiful.

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