Prevent piscine line to wring the method that tangle
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  FishingAngle happy, piscine mouth is ceaseless. Ran suddenly, angle there is a tree above the dot must, did not think of this hides never mind, the line tangles together, line waiting for a fish has managed, the fish came loose, make a heart! ~ fish line is wrung pester a phenomenon to be inFishingRegular meeting happening is in the process, see at traditional hand pole 7 stars float more angle law. Piscine line is wrung tangle especially aggravating, not attentive it is very difficult undone, manage is bad that whole group was abandoned, not only lose time, and the appeal of the person that the influence angles. Just think nest nods li of Yu Xinger to be risked continuously, needing next hooks, in line of this crises fish mat, in the heart how not nest fire? My constant was cut.

The ancients cloud: “ is long disease becomes doctor oneself, I up to now and know its like that ” . I am commonly used and traditional hand pole 7 bits cork on fishing lineFishing, and constant chaos line, it is to belong to “ long ill of a kind of ” , like that not good at examine, do not learn a lesson again, because this cannot become “ cure ” . Till recently the friend reminds me, say my be apt to angles and like to change mind again, is piscine line wrung pester difficult problem why are you attacked tackle key problem? My this ability conciously attentive examine one time, consider repeatedly, carry out ability and sagacity a few times to be gotten purposely, whether to become “ cure ” , still need reader judge, if not have absurd, can have effect of cast a brick to attract jade-offer a few commonplace remarks by way of introduction so that others may come up with valuable opinions, I also with respect to be perfectly satisfied.

It is to observe piscine line wrings a few reasons that tangle above all:

1. When it happens in empty pole more. Because carry pole to had exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, fishhook is pulling piscine line to bounce, exceed the height of fishing rod, fishhook whereabouts rate is rapid, wear into natural and curly fish line or it is cork on fishing line hangs a line, fishhook and piscine line regular meeting are wrung tangle together.

2. Apply angle as a result of pole pointed fluctuation vibrates extent passes in the process big, wring each other between cork on fishing line and line tangle.

3. Crotchet filament wrings the opportunity that tangle than hook thick wire much, wind line is too long, wring the odds that tangle to also can increase greatly.

4. Other is abiogenesis incident, for instance hook is cultivated, hang careless and so on.

I consider repeatedly, pass a test, find out 3 way that meet it to come eventually.

1. FishingCarrying empty pole cannot avoid, but the action that mentions pole can be designed. If carry pole to be able to avoid perpendicular up, the fishhook that lets whereabouts does not touch piscine line, does snell wring the odds that tangle to you can be not nodded less? Accordingly, when carrying pole, fishing rod towards the left or right slightly a bit more deflective, reckon deflective 15~20 is spent can, so deflective can reduce snell to wring not only tangle, and in after the fish, still can avoid drop of yellow nest of big fish agitate. Additional, when carrying pole, should not be too big forcibly, it is OK that in a way adds a few strengths, commonly the fish does not produce water, such although raise is empty pole, the hook also won't pester piscine line, after these normative movement designs apply adroitness, obtain to angling more not only helpful, and prevent piscine line effectively wring tangle.
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