Prevent piscine line to wring the method that tangle
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2. Group transforms: It is wind line above all. Wind line shoulds not be long, grow not to grasp the optimal opportunity that carry pole not only too, and extremely easy random route. The length of wind line generally speaking, in order to leave surface 50~60 centimeter advisable. Citing says, if depth of water 100 centimeters, simply uses 150~160 centimeter piscine line is enough. What I say is general situation falls, but if the piscine head of pound is big, should use long term still should use long term, if pound surface off shore is exorbitant, drop is big, angle big fish nature needs to use long term.

Next, use traditional hand rod angle friendly, it is a line mostly to the hook, this is unscientific, dangerous drop angling is masterstroke and child group closes. Masterstroke is thick, child the line is fine. For instance masterstroke uses a diameter of 0.2 millimeter, child the line can use 0.16 millimeter, can use 0.12 millimeter even. Such assorted benefit is much, for instance stalk of hook carry on one's shoulder is abandoned at most child line and fishhook, can have very good protection effect to masterstroke and fishing rod. Change line hook is convenient also, child line hook group can have more a few pairs, child the line was broken with spare child line fasten is buckled can. Somebody statistic, change root linear velocity fast need to use 10 seconds only, if not be of such combination, line of the fish that change a root often should expend kongfu one time, prep let alone weighs fasten fishhook.

Through considering an experiment I return discovery, this kind of combination can reduce piscine line to wring the probability that tangle greatly. Because cork on fishing line is on masterstroke, masterstroke is thicker, and have certain hardness, happen not easily wring tangle.

3. If carrying line of fish of the discovery when pole to wring,tangle, at this moment state of mind cannot impatient, the movement that hold pole does not want too big, answer to make fishing rod smooth as far as possible, control good pole needle not to shake, smoke a fishing rod carefully, can reduce piscine line to wring the odds that tangle so, wring the piscine line that tangle to have profit greatly to unlock.

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