How to maintain and use buoy correctly
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How to maintain and use buoy correctly, had a good buoy, be used correctly only and maintain just go.

Buoy is commonly used fishing tackle in most of ” of “ arrogant sex, always must notice to protect. And current and generalFishingThe buoy that the person uses also is no longer 3 yuan, 5 yuan, class is in ceaseless promotion, the price also is in whirlwind raise. Even if is not often play the game angle friendly, there also are a few in the hand a few yuan and even the buoy of 100 yuan of above. Once maintain undeserved, loss blame is little.

1, the choice uses suitable mark case. Good horse matchs good saddle, since spent not little silver to buy the buoy that the price does not poor, cannot grudge spends fund place again the mark case that a buoy photograph with you suits, need not very expensive, but cannot make do absolutely. 2 traditional yuan bleaching a canister is absolutely improper, ten buoy put amid to grind each other enough of your look. Breed of box of the mark on the market is very much now, a lot of insert a foot, every mark can be secured alone inside mark box, avoided to grind already, can assure again flat deposit. Again a bit more exquisite is athletics mark bucket, the know exactly about sth in every mark bucket independent sealed canal, every piping outfitting a mark, but at using before outfit water shifts to an earlier date bubble mark. Most mark box of the standard is the sort of containing of slideway slide block, every mark blocks mark shoulder to secure with slide block respectively, slide block can adjust the distance with mark foot according to needing to make a round trip, the master piece outside can making sure mark end does not suffer is used and be out of shape. Of the general brand on the market 40 yuan or so, of famous brand want a few more expensive, price 70 multivariate.

2, when using, should notice to avoid knock against extruding. The balata buoy that uses now those who do is very small, flexibility is very strong also. Be being assembled toward group and when debus buoy, strength must moderate, break mark leg with respect to meeting lane carelessly. When casting pole and raise pole, always notice buoy does not want knock to arrive on fishing rod, especially raise empty pole or abrupt unhook group abruptly resilient when, buoy is played the most easily come up against pole to go up. Change used buoy not to want conveniently chaos to put temporarily, and should put mark case in time. Otherwise, walk easily bad not only, and fall very easily in angle.

3, after using, want to be cleaned in time wipe. When receiving pole every time, can use soft cloth (glasses cloth and so on) or paper towel touchs bit of clean water (do not use angle the water of the dot, usable at ordinary times drinking water) , thoroughly buoy wipe up. Be sure to keep in mind not busy move to receive pole to come home, careless ground received bid to come to an end. Have angle friendly article suggests to useFishingThe bait that uses surplus brushs mark, do not know its meaning where to. Commodity bait contains chemical component mostly, the individual feels his to have fixed rate to Qi Hui of buoy damage.
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