How to maintain and use buoy correctly
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4, do not machine at will to buoy transform. Angle the DIY in friend a group of things with common features expand increasingly, oneself consider consider can change hand pole into amphibious pole, transform pull bait dish, FishingStool of what, give no cause for more criticism, but must not be opposite ” of buoy “ feel discontented, want to also come to buoy a treatment, that is not us these “ are spare paragraph ” can be competent. The centre of gravity of finished product buoy is elaborate design, the material of mark end, paint, it is very tall that the face lacquer of mark body waits technical standard a moment, the factory that is not major is very difficult do very good. Such-and-such hand makes the multifarious alleged “ that is full of in the market now the conduct propaganda of ” , it is the stunt of bluff person only, angle friendly people but must not take seriously.

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