Fish of high-grade crucian carp is special hand pole
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See fish of gotten high-grade crucian carp is special on the market at present hand pole, it is Japanese made entirely and afterwards pole. Be in Japan, basically 3 big companies produce this kind of fishing rod, this is mixed greatly namely, insular wild He Puke. Mix greatly among them the breed of the company is more, have ” of ” of “ barren rabbi, “ withered rabbi, “ 5 days emperor of holy ” , “ this type ” . Insular tough firm has ” of “ flashy ” , “ Pu Tianyuan to wait. Cattail gram company is the most well-known is ” of “ Hua Le. Pole of these high-quality goods crucian carp not only the name is obtained very sapid, and there is original place on function severally. Introduce to everybody below a few have representative (it is with 3.6 the most commonly used meters exemple)

Barren rabbi is big the first famous brand with pole of crucian carp of company high-quality goods, already had two acting products at present. Pole of rabbi of generation waste as deep gray, have argent window. Tone sex is about super- hard, the sense with deep head is not clear, intensity is outstanding, have certain flexibility at the same time, suit the crucian carp fish that angles 150 grams are controlled most. Because its hardness is tall, the stickleback, rate that answer a fish is rapid, it is the fish in athletics contest slants consequently big the first selection brand when. Allegedly rabbi of generation waste already was produced no longer.

Deep yellow of instead of body of pole of rabbi of the 2nd acting barren, than generation slightly soft. Of it and rabbi of generation waste the biggest lie differently the change at pole tip. The pole tip of barren law generation is very average, weak remaining part of the towel on pole needle; Barren law is snap ring of a metal on the pole needle of 2 generation, besides bushing of a metal. Hang coil the bushing on snap ring pusher, can prevent coil to run from snap ring. Of metallic bushing inside the mouth is very smooth, do not send wear away the line. The advantage of tip of this kind of pole depends on get sth done once and for ever, won't damage. But line decoy has some of insecurity always on ferrule, won't use too fine spread cables when using this kind of hard rod very much. Additional, because pole is pointed going up is a metal is hard cooperate, hard to avoid some a bit small rings, the whole that is inferior to weak remaining part has felt. Barren law although 2 generation compare generation slightly soft, but applicability is stronger.

Withered rabbi this is to be mixed greatly the brand that traditional distinguishing feature has most in pole of crucian carp of company high-quality goods, already had 3 acting products at present, body of pole of each acting withered rabbi all is copy bamboo color, deserve to go up black ringer, exterior of primitive simplicity, make excellent.

The 3 generation of withered rabbi are provided most with the 2nd generation in the product representative. This pole fine body, large wall, integral taper is small, the sense with deep head is very clear. because of such, make its have wonderful flexibility, piscine defensive position feels outstanding in, still have very good strength meanwhile. This pole moves a gender to be firm tone about, suit to angle the first selection brand of the crucian carp of any size. Because this pole hardness is not tall, be with withy and be good at, speed is so unhappy, when suiting the match consequently, use.
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