Fish of high-grade crucian carp is special hand pole
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In the 3 acting products of withered rabbi, 3 generation are the strongest, 2 acting take second place, generation is the softest (but differ very small) . Generation charge for the making of sth. is inferior to 2 generation, 3 acting talent are inferior to 2 generation character, because this says 2 generation,the product is provided most representative. But if be used at the match, be afraid is 3 generation a bit good.

5 days of emperor this is to be mixed greatly the company's newer product, the function of classic form matchs the exterior with the modernist school. With large wall, fine highlight a characteristic as its. Silver grey of this pole whole is lubricious, very beautiful, its function and withered rabbi are very similar. The characteristic of function passes only than withered rabbi and all without exception is reached, but the quality of function is bad however essence of life of 2 acting withered rabbi is simple. The impression that 5 days of emperor give a person is: Not only have luxuriant appearance, also have solid intention at the same time. This also is pole of a kind of high-quality goods hand that suit to lie fallow and does not suit athletics, you like good fruit its exterior, so before its position in your heart leans than withered rabbi.

Emperor this type whole black appears consequently the body is fine, the wall is thinner system is consequently small. Although class is a bit a few lower, but it is pole of Daiwa crucian carp however in most exquisite brand. This pole moves a gender to be firm tone about, but because the wall is thin, make its hardness a bit good and flexible a bit poor. As a result of the hardness with be had its system is small and certain, suit to angle the small fish under 100 grams, so it is the first selection when athletics game fish is lesser article. This pole consistence all is differred than other brand, avoid by all means with this rod big fish, or get power too strong.

Pu Tianyuan this is one of pole of two name brand crucian carp. Integral copy bamboo is lubricious, fine body, in moving a gender to be only hard, flexibility is very good, suit to make an appointment with the small fish under 100 grams. As a result of this pole softer, system is small, suit to lie fallow so angle small fish. Although this pole is soft but consistence is not very poor. Of hereon pole soft have a cant forcedly: “ soft pole is amused, good pole be convenient to use. ”

Flash this is the newest product of insular tough firm. This pole exterior is ablaze five color, have metallic burnish, it is be worthy of the name really. Its tone sex is in firm tone and super- hard between, and all sorts of function moderate. Doing not have a characteristic also is its the biggest characteristic. This is a kind omnibus the strongest brand, can calls wide chart crucian carp pole. The piscine feel that angles 100~150 is overcome is optimal. In athletics contest, if when piscine size six to one, this pole is first selection article. Flash pole tip writtens guarantee for the metal that can come back, consistence is wonderful, if do not give the word of the problem here, it is a kind of very good design.
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