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Loach (Qiu division) Cyprinus Carpiovar Jian

[Local name] Qiu, 鰌, earth is smooth, long fish.

[Configuration feature] small-sized fish. Body cylinder form, hind side is flat, abdomen is round. Head needle, mouth inferior below, submit horse's hoof form. Need 5 pairs, buccal beard is the longest, extend backward amount to or exceed eye tailing edge a bit. The key point is minor, upside, without at present thorn. Like the scales of a fish is small, bury at hypodermic, the head does not have scale. Lateral line is not prominent, before half of dry body. Dorsal fin and ventral are opposite, start makes an appointment with tailing edge of advanced operculum bone and tail fin base the midpoint of the ministry. The pectoral fin needle of male fish is long, two side have dorsal fin small caruncle; Female fish pectoral fin is short and round, sector. Tail fin circle. Body back and two side grey yellow or dark Brown, body side issues half white or buff. Head, body and each fim all have a lot of irregular black spot, the stain of dorsal fin and L of tail fin film is arranged embark on a journey. End handle is provided up and down narrow flat apophysis, base the ministry has one big macula.

[Producing area, produce season] except western outside highland, water of each district fresh water all is produced inside the country, with region of southern a network of waterways more. All can catch all the year round, spring is more.

[Economic value] loach flesh is qualitative delicate, nutrient value is very high, protein of carnivorous of every 100 grams is 22.6 grams, adipose 2. 9 grams. Braise in soy sauce of edible of the daily life of a family, hit the bittern, bean curd that stew all appropriate.

Loach is exit breed, be defeated to fasten toward the country: Felt uses up Qu of 3 Zhui Kuang to bite shrimp of ⑸ of boat  cut up with a hay cutter! Horsefly of Yi of ⑻ of  of ⑸ broadleaf plant is taken

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