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Foreheading fish
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Yellow foreheading fish

Foreheading fish (鮠 division) Pseudobagrus Fulvidraco

[Local name] Huang Lading, fish, serrate edge.

[Configuration feature] average body length is 11 ~ 19 centimeters, weight 100 grams of 30 ~ . Body length, hind side is flat, abdomen is flat. The head is big. The kiss is blunt. Below the mouth, the horizontal stroke is cracked, the lip is thick. Need 4 pairs, the upper jaw must grow, extreme is achieved or exceed ministry of pectoral fin radical. Body does not have scale. Dorsal fin pricks tailing edge forcedly to provide toothed. Pectoral fin pricks harder than dorsal fin thorn forcedly to grow, around predestined relationship all is provided toothed. Have short fat fim. Tail fin is deep furcate. Sidetrack is flat. Back is black Brown, body side yellow, body side has wide and long black to break grain, abdomen is flaxen, each fim grey black, need black of half white half nasally.

[Producing area, produce season] distributing wide, the whole nation each Jiang He of main water system, laky, reservoir, pond, rice field all have produce. All produce all the year round commonly, 4 ~ were busy season October.

[Economic value] for one of common edible fish. Its flesh is qualitative delicate, path of be ignorant of is delicious, spinule, greasily. Protein content 16.l is overcome, adipose 0.7 grams, content of calcic, phosphor resides the coronal of river river fish, the good system powerful body, effect that delivers a milk.

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