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Heavy mouth cracks celiac fish
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Heavy mouth cracks celiac fish

Heavy mouth cracks celiac fish (carp division) Schizthorax (Racoma)davidi

[Local name] heavy mouth, fine soft-shelled turtle.

[Configuration feature] individual bigger, average body length 40 centimeters, weight 1 ~ 2 dry grams. Body lengthens side flat. Head taper. Below the mouth, horse's hoof form, the horizontal stroke is cracked. Labium develops, cent leaf, middle period is petty, side leaf is broad. Need 2 pairs, the 1 / that its length grows for the head 3. Like the scales of a fish is tiny. Bosom has apparent scale later from cheek gorge. In the two side of anal fin and anus each provide a bigger anal fin to form the break in abdomen. Slim and fragile of dorsal fin thorn, tailing edge is provided toothed. Connect body white, tail fin shallow red, shallow red of ministry of pectoral fin, anal fin radical, fin the ministry is Brown.

[Producing area, produce season] basically distributing the Jia Lingjiang at upper reaches of the Yangtse River, in high mountain river and the gorge river that defend river water system, spring is catching busy season.

[Economic value] fleshy qualitative fat, contain a lot ofadipose, catch the biggest individual can amount to 10 dry grams, it is to produce a division important edible fish, crop is next to neat mouth to crack celiac fish.

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