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Neat mouth cracks celiac fish
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Neat mouth cracks celiac fish

Neat mouth cracks celiac fish (carp division) Schizthorax Prenanti

[Local name] neat mouth, fine soft-shelled turtle.

[Configuration feature] general and individual Gan Ke of 0.5 ~ L, can amount to 4 ~ most 5 dry grams. Body is lengthened, a bit side is flat. Kiss circle is blunt. The mouth is wide, below, the horizontal stroke is cracked, two lips plait is orderly. Mandible provides corneous margin. Need 2 pairs, wait with eye diameter about long. Like the scales of a fish is tiny. Bosom has apparent scale later from branchial gorge. In the two side of anal fin and anus each have one to list bigger buttock like the scales of a fish, the abdomen between two buttock scale forms a break on central line. Dorsal fin thorn is weak, tailing edge smooth or have minority toothed. Body carries gray on the back, celiac side silvery white, tail fin red.

[Producing area, produce season] distributing to reach the old water system that cross a river at river of trunk stream of upper reaches of the Yangtse River, Min, spring is catching busy season.

[Economic value] the flesh is qualitative delicate fat, it is to produce a division important economy fish.

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