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Qinghai lake naked carp
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Qinghai lake naked carp

Qinghai lake naked carp (carp division) Gymnocypris Przewalskii

[Local name] Huang fish.

[Configuration feature] body is lengthened, a bit side is flat. Head taper. The kiss is more pointed. Mouth inferior below, submit horse's hoof form, the upper jaw is small outstanding. Beardless. Body is nude without scale, it is only under upper part of ministry of pectoral fin radical, sidetrack have 3 ~ 4 irregular scale; Anus is mixed two side have department of anal fin radical each scale of a big buttock, can extend ahead amount to ministry of ventral fin radical. The abdomen of ventral fin ahead also has sometimes degrade the trace of scale. Sidetrack is flat, before sidetrack scale paragraph degrade leather plait shape, hind paragraph more not apparent, dorsal fin provides the hard thorn that develop, its tailing edge has deep toothed. What the gender matures is individual, the pectoral fin of male fish and ventral, and ministry of dorsal fin radical all more female fish is long, two fim after its anal fin harden, extreme has tick off. Tail fin bifurcate. Body back yellow brown or dust-colour, abdominal hoar or buff, body side has irregular cloud record streak.

[Producing area, produce season] originate in Qinghai lake to reach its accessary water system.

[Economic value] regional economy fish, normally refrigerant and do the sale after making. Its are ovarian have in reproductive season with peritonaeum virulent, the light giddy diarrhoea that feed, heavy deadly, must purify.

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