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Arhat fish
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Arhat fish is the breed of factitious cross, body porgy belongs to Gui Weili (Cichlasoma) .

Arhat fish has 4 great variety, and every breed is divided again for a lot of kind, so arhat fish breed also is rife:

One, breed of beautiful arhat fish: Breed the earliest, colour is purer, much with cyan, lighting quality, give priority to palely. The body shows all directions model, head cent is head, horny head. Dorsal fin and ventral have long and thin extreme, can “ bag ” lives tail fin, or tail fin of direct bring into contact with, have the feeling that joins together, with bodily form, end to appreciate a focal point. Have on behalf of breed laugh at Buddha, fish of King Kong arhat, spend the god of wealth, fish of 1000 Xi arhat, spend bonze arhat fish, fish of arhat of safflower longlived person, beautiful arhat fish.

2, breed of fish of golden beautiful arhat: It is afterwards after beautiful arhat fish products is planted, the fish that breeds is planted. Its bodily form acceded to spend arhat fish breed, have a pair 44 square blessing state body, give a person a kind of sedate sense. They have the colour and lustre of distinct change, attribute more bright-coloured and lively kind. The bodily form that appreciating a focal point is them and reach flowery colour. Have fish of arhat of 7 colour phoenix on behalf of breed, fish of golden phoenix arhat, gold spends mammon arhat fish, gold spends arhat fish, fish of longlived person arhat.

3, breed of fish of beautiful horn arhat: Spend the promising young person in arhat fish, the piscine sex of breed of fish of the arhat that compare a flower is mature earlier. The color that goes up personally is bright-coloured, bodily form is given priority to with strip form or triangle more, back, ventral fin is stretched outwards, whole looks like the triangle. Tail fin spreads out compare level. , place of major variety close sidetrack has black or brunet shading nods system lines and become a wide line repeatedly, rank is among the body. Have fish of arhat of 7 tigers head on behalf of breed, fish of igneous rose arhat, look brand-new arhat fish, the igneous arhat fish of set the prairie ablaze, gaoji spends horny arhat fish, fish of arhat of 5 kinds of mammon.

4, breed of pearl arhat fish: The colour of the body spends arhat fish breed like gold same, quite rich, triangle of bodily form deflection. Most breed has Gao Long's head, litchi head, good head, horny head is less, tail fin is much more flagging, extend not complete. Head of most pearl strain, bosom is shown vermeil, there is the golden place like pearl on the body, sexual maturity is earlier. Have on behalf of breed east aunt arhat fish, pearl arhat fish, golden mercury, fish of 7 colour arhat, fish of arhat of sweat blood BMW, fish of arhat of pearl of gold of fish of lucky star arhat, fish of arhat of golden engrave garment, fish of pearl kylin arhat.
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