Shandong saves first farmer major cooperation to be registered in Lai city hold
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The fishery that Lai city is Shandong province produces big city, as the ceaseless progress that fishery produces, the manufacturing mode that manages dispersedly is incommensurate already current market condition. Change dispersive exercise system to make Lai city fisherman, defeat the difficult problem that solves piscatorial development, the idea of the way that ocean of Lai state city and piscatorial director branch offerred to walk along collaboration to develop.  

Farmer major cooperation can change a farmer effectively not only initiative, manage mode without foreword, messy production, achieve scientific and reasonable progress, and can solve a government sector effectively not to do, collective organization does bad to mix a series of difficult problem that farmer oneself cannot tackle. The coadjutant sex economy that serves as freewill combination, democracy management is organized, cooperation of major of these 4 farmers will be abided by " run by the local people, civilian canal, civilian be benefited " principle, its member is enjoyed share the management, accrual allocation, right that uses service and installation, it is to carry out rural family couplet to produce contract after system of job responsibility, system of rural economics structure, organization and of management mechanism innovate again. It is to comply with agricultural to change, specialization, the inevitable option that dimensions is changed and modernization expands demand, will accelerate a farmer to add close, agricultural synergism and rural development pace, drive construction of socialistic new rural area and society of whole city economy good rapid development.

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