It is good that area of Chongqing north Bei develops name of fine hill river to
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Area of Chongqing north Bei is adjust piscatorial industry structure, push aquatic product thoroughbred change a course, at2006Year started science and technology of boreal Bei area to plan a project " fish of actor of Jia Lingjiang name, thick jaw triangular bream breeds technology and industrialization are built artificially " , the artificial breed that watched town fingerling field to begin thick jaw triangular bream in boreal Bei Ou Jing and adult fish breed an experiment to set an example, gained the success of artificial breed namely in those days. 06Year hatch fry2010 thousand end, 07Year amount to100More than end, spray price300Yuan/10 thousand end.


   Current, the seedling of thick jaw triangular bream is planted breed raise with adult fish sheet level tries in already was being entered, with period explore a technology of whole set breed aquatics as soon as possible, implementation its are planted from the seedling the industrialization of adult fish breeds.
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