Dalian city fishery prevents superintend and director of stage flood prevention
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Superintend and director is checked group listen to Gan Jing child the area fulfils fishery of province, city to prevent stage flood prevention about beforehand the case, organization, measure that defend a stand, maritime rescue them the case report that waits for the job, go to fishing port of island of Dalian bay cotton and partial fishery enterprise to undertake spot superintend and director is checked.

Director Liu Xicai prevented job of stage flood prevention to offer sufficient affirmation to this area fishery, will work henceforth raised specific requirement: It is to should be adopted shift to an earlier date safe early-warning mechanism, ensure personnel of fishing of experience sea experience is safe; 2 it is to should be strengthened be on guard, ensure establishment of coastal grow seedlings and fisher of great horse power answer harbor to take shelter from the wind safe; 3 it is to should implement each system and provision, ensure fishing port is safe; 4 it is the step that should take consolidate of go on a tour of inspection, maintain truly breed stage balsa, pot is safe; 5 it is to should increase the strength that prevents go on a tour of inspection oneself, ensure fishery machines an enterprise to defend stage safety; 6 it is otherwise takes safe hidden trouble, ensure this pony force ship that to disembark toes disembark entirely; 7 it is to should be strengthened be on duty equipment is diligent the job, ensure deliverance measure is fulfilled and communication information is expedite.

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