The Fujian Province situation of piscatorial safe production takes a favourable
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Opposite last year the corresponding period, although the accident always removes number to rise, but majority is bagatelle reason or general accident, bigger reach the number since above grade accident to have only last year the half of the corresponding period. The majority that produces heavy ship is small-sized fishery shipping, shipping value is low, the personnel on the boat is little, because this death is reached,be missing the number has relatively drop substantially. Causing the main reason that immediate pecuniary loss rises is place of ocean fisher strike a reef the oneself the body of a ship that create and machine loss and destroy to environment of local zoology, water area bigger.

Analysis the accident makes clear first half of the year, the death that place of disaster caused by a windstorm causes or be missing the number is maximum, the harm is the greatest. And outside bringing about the reason of accident of disaster caused by a windstorm to wait for objective element besides climate, fisher has not become stability school nucleus, do sth without authorization changes exercise type to cause shipping stability change; Overmuch ground carries fishing gear and lade unreasonable cause on the high side of centre of gravity, shipping stability is reduced; Reach to berth in fresh gale billow anchor means choice is undeserved bring about anchorage rope to rupture the strike a reef is sunken wait for subjective element to cause. In addition, collision accident happens 10 cases in all, accident of strike a reef 2, productivity accident in all 4.

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