Hubei saves aquatic product to do survey group to attend work of fishery of day
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Whole town breeds surface stricken be hit by a natural adversity area achieves 45 thousand mus, 25% what occupy whole town to breed an area, among them, 36 thousand mus laky free bank breaks through a mouth, 9000 mus of essence raise fishing pond to string together a pool to add up to faze, loss river crab 540 tons, into fishing 3000 tons, the fish plants 600 tons, collapse building 3, 8, attaint building 24, 68, immediate pecuniary loss more than yuan 4000. Buddha child hill town puts in a suitable place to breed this year surface 14 thousand mus, this second flood gets adj/LIT wide area 6500 mus, occupy whole town to put in a suitable place to breed 46% of surface, among them because break through a mouth to get flood,nearly 1000 mus of essence such as village of Du Qiao lake, double bridge raise a pool, green hill lake, Chen Hu and the crab of nearly 2000 mus of wool of big lake village are all the bank floods flee to other country, loss adult fish adds up to amount to 1300 tons, immediate pecuniary loss 5.2 million yuan. The state-operated of 9 true towns piece inn fishing ground pool of 200 mus of fingerling is total dip beneficial flee to other country, loss fire piece fingerling 20 million end, immediate loss more than yuan 60 thousand. The fishing ground of state-operated China lake that Ma Wan presses down suffers adj/LIT wide area to amount to many mus 5000, loss adult fish many tons 200, immediate pecuniary loss achieves 5.8 million yuan. Breed large family Huang Xiaoming only, 700 mus of river crab flood bank flee to other country, the expenditure loss such as crab seedling and feed many yuan 30. According to statistic, whole town has more than 1050 fishing farming to suffer the loss of different level, among them the loss is in of 100 thousand yuan of above occupy many 100.

Face serious the situation of a disaster, zheng Guorong vice director asks this city wants to catch flood prevention to fight calamity single-handed, catch production to save oneself single-handed protect a program to maintain development, establish " the loss inside the lake is answered catch fingerling of flee to other country to fill, aggrandizement of later period of early days loss fills, summertime loss autumn fills " " 3 caustic 3 fill " guiding ideology, guide broad fisherman actively to begin production to save oneself. It is the strength that increases repair water to destroy a project. Establishment of piscatorial form a complete set according to importance, include capital construction the plan. Brake of the dikes and dams of damage fish pool, small reservoir, contain also bring into today of wintry Ming Chun " 3 change to be built " plan, the project with minor damage is main already repair. 2 it is to increase maintain strength of kind of fill the gaps with seedlings. Guide a fisherman to drive filling fingerling, increase investment. 3 it is to increase annulus catch annulus put, rare raise crash strength. Hold fish 7, 8, the growth period of 93 months, organize succulence of reseed of raise fertilizer, rush-planting, protect maintain a volume character, aggrandizement feed. 4 it is to increase strength of science and technology providing disaster relief. Constituent brainpower is coordinated to disaster area provide disaster relief, do well to science and technology grooms and breed technical promotion. 5 it is to increase fishing politics to manage strength. What raise fishing pool to string together a pool in the light of essence of each disaster area is actual, divisional cent piece, responsibility arrives person, safeguard normal production to manage order, severity investigates the chance that takes flood to undertake stealing, poison, grab, scamper, report fishs etc, protect legitimate rights and interests of the fisherman.
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