The development of fishery of 3 gorge library should pay attention to zoology ma
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Group of Director Wu Chun is thorough Yun Yangpeng first brook river is examined on the spot pot reachs situation of exercise of fishery vessel ship with block breed aquatics, come to area of 3 gorge library finally after center of minister of aquatic wild animal understands locomotive situation, listened to the report of special subject job of bureau of this county agriculture.

Fishery of area of in relief to the cloud library and safety of fishery vessel ship manage Director Wu the job gave higher opinion. In the meantime, emphasize the cloud is in relief henceforth piscatorial development is to should be put in mainly " zoology " on, yun Yang should be in region of splash brook river fills minute of play fish to be in on integrated processing " clean " the main effect on water quality, hold to with flood face artificial hyperplasia is given priority to, complementary breed with developing block of bay of new-style pot, library moderately and catch course of study, the guidance of place, station falls related bureau is in city, from be helpful for zoology environmental protection and emigrant bread setting out, cogent had solved " ban " with " raise " this pair is contradictory, surface of fishing of sufficient play appropriate is solving immigrant to find a place for with library area " the industry is changed hollowly " medium action. 2 it is fishery vessel ship safety administration job should accomplish alarm bell to grow cry, often catch indefatigable, always put safe worker worker in prominent place to catch, ensure people life property is safe. 3 it is the effect that should produce center of Shui Ye minister adequately, it is protection of resource of library area fish to provide support hard. 4 it is fishing politics management should increase superintendency strength, safeguard fishery to produce normal order, advance health of library area fishery, orderly development.

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