Bureau of area of the East China Sea of the 2nd quarter received the safety on w
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One, increase fisher safety to supervise administrative strength further, specific aim ground begins safe and special inspection, seasonable platoon checks hidden trouble of of all kinds accident.

2, make full use of all sorts of conduct propaganda tools and way, increase safe conduct propaganda to teach mobile strength further, the security that enhances a fisherman thereby is on guard to protect consciousness with ego.

3, seasonable research analyses case of of all kinds accident, make a thorough investigation of reason, draw a lesson, prevent similar accident to happen once more.

4, strengthen groom, enhance technical ability, the standard is operated, reduce the happening of accident of of all kinds shipwreck, reduce or reduce the loss of piscatorial life property.

5, carry out seriously fulfil " the safety on water of fishery vessel ship breaks out incident lash-up beforehand case " , strengthen lash-up to be on duty further government works, raise lash-up to deal with ceaselessly ability, with answering maritime sudden incident at any time, seasonable and effective organization develops help somebody in danger or difficulty, improve deliverance result.

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