2007 circumstance of deliverance of shipwreck of shipping of fishery of area of
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Marine fishery production is industry of high devoted high risk. To ensure safety of piscatorial life property, region of the East China Sea is coastal 3 provinces branch of director of administration of one city various fishery reachs his the deliverance strength that fishing politics fishing port supervises an administration to increase pair of piscatorial shipwreck accidents ceaselessly, throw a large number of manpower, material resources and deliverance funds, obtained certain result. Henceforth, strengthen conduct propaganda further even, enhance piscatorial safety to be on guard ceaselessly consciousness, keep within limits behavior of all sorts of violate the rules and regulations, raise safe production to ensure ability. Relevant management department should increase superintendency strength, strengthen lash-up to be on duty further management, strengthen a value to defend the organization with deliverance of rush to deal with an emergency, harmonious work, avoid or reduce the happening of shipwreck accident, the fisherman that because place of piscatorial shipwreck accident is caused,reduces gives birth to the loss of life property.

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