Zoology of ten million fishery compensates a will devoted the East China Sea
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In recent years, because excessive of fish of environmental pollution, project, cruel is caught,wait for many sided reason, resource of fishery of ocean of area of the East China Sea and zoology environment are destroyed, water area " desert is changed " degree is increasingly serious, the seeks the traditional and wild fish such as large yellow croaker hard already sign on the table of common common people. Environment of zoology of resource of biology of ocean of area of protective the East China Sea, rehabilitate already made piscatorial branch and social all walks of life an important and urgent task.

In recent years the country adopted such as to establish " economic juvenile groove guard " , system of fishing of Ji Xiu of executive bend over, begin investigate catch illegally special operation and " change the line of production be transferred to civilian work " a series of measure such as the project, deferred the trend that resources fails effectively.

For farther rehabilitate ocean zoology environment, restore piscatorial resource. In recent years, the artificial hyperplasia that each district of district of the East China Sea developed the variety such as pair of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish in succession is put shed an activity. Put shed quantitative accumulative total to exceed 2 billion remaining part () . Some breed already had apparent refreshment evidence, gained good zoology economic benefits and social benefit.

Hyperplasia is put stream make additional capacity increases resource of the fishery in maritime space somewhat, improved composition of community of water area zoology at the same time, be helpful for the rehabilitate of environment of water area zoology. Put the investment that spreads breed to yield in those days than achieving on average 1: 5, put individually sort variety (wait like 3 verrucous swimming crab, large yellow croaker) investment yields than amounting to 1: 10 above.

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