Zhejiang saves vice-governor Mao Linsheng to go to the superintend and director
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Mao Linsheng's vice-governor asks to face the sea to accelerate fishing port of red foot cliff to build pace, expand division of fishing port economy energetically, breed recreational fishery actively, develop in order to promote the health of Lin Haihai modern economy quickly.

Fishing port of red foot cliff is this city 915 during the key ocean that the plan carries out develops one of projects, project total investment exceeds 100 million yuan, main body project includes to dig type harbor pool, berth of dock of 300 tons of class 850 meters, revetment 3400 meters, entire network field 6000 square metre, control sex water (boat) brake (width is rice and clough of 11 5 meters of two aperture respectively) , wide the 7 port area road of rice reach establishment of other form a complete set 3000 meters to wait. The fishing port of red foot cliff after building will become fishing of the collect that overlook the lake to need build and repair of supply, shipping and travel to lie fallow for the omnibus fishing port with all ready establishment of form a complete set of an organic whole, the safety relying on berth that can better land solves this city major fisher, take shelter from the wind, it is specific and difficult that aquatic product trades to need supply to wait with fishing, promote the rapid development of this city marine economy. Current, this project already entered the whole that controls sexual clough to install level.

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