CITES concludes a treaty the 14th times square congress is held in Holand The Ha
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" be in severe danger convention of international trade of species of wild vivid plant " (abbreviation CITES) conclude a treaty the 14th times square congress in June 3 ~ are held 15 days in Holand The Hague. Bureau of forestry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Agriculture, country, country is close to the canal does, branch and the harbor such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, bay the delegation that special zone government forms attends the meeting. Come from more than 150 to conclude a treaty just wait for 2000 more than person to attend the meeting with nearly 100 observer. Ms. Feierbaige is agriculture of conference vote Holand, nature and food quality chancellery congress chairman, australia, China, south Africa is respectively one appoint, 2 appoint with chairman of committee of full-fledged member credentials. The conference discussed 36 appendices to edit draft resolution and more than 70 file, involve CITES rules of procedure, strategy action plan, budget, honor the agreement, legislative, execute the law, abide by is made an appointment with, the policy sex topic for discussion such as concern of export quota, certificate management, CITES and other international organization, and the sensitive species such as fir of the Asian large felid such as elephant, tiger, shark, holothurian, whale, langouste, orchid, ormosia protects a problem, carried many resolution decision, edited control species appendix.

Fishing of Ministry of Agriculture politics Ministry of Agriculture of delegate of comrade and academy of science of Chinese aquatic product Comrade Fan Enyuan enters country of command center Fan Xiang the conference, the speech of topic for discussion that involves protection of aquatic wild vivid plant actively on congress clarifies our footing, viewpoint, working group of the fish of concerned sturgeon huso sturgeon that attended congress to hold water, shark, holothurian, Gong Shanhu, maintain national interest hard. The topic for discussion related this second conference and fishery plan have 10, among them, the collaboration of CITES and FAO is relation, maritime introduce, management of fish of management of fish of huso sturgeon of protection of harmless sex judgement, turtle, shark protection, sturgeon, canine, holothurian protection, chelonian kind with fresh water chelonian kind the support that because obtain the person that majority attends the meeting,waits for 9 topic for discussions, pass through after conference discussion reachs unanimous opinion or classics to decide by ballot, be being obtained. Japan puts forward about CITES whale kind because the proposal of appendix species reappraise did not win the support of most signatory and be overruled.

This second conference shares 6 to increase appendix species proposal newly with what fishery concerns, among them Germany includes what convention appendix Ⅱ and Kenya, Nigaragua and United States put forward jointly to will curium European eel on behalf of what the European Union puts forward ray division is all kind (Pristidae Spp) label convention appendix I (denticulation curiums ray includes an appendix Ⅱ ) the proposal was obtained through; Germany puts forward on behalf of the European Union porbeagle (Lamna Nasus) with blaze spiny dogfish (Squalus Acanthias) shan1hu2 belongs to the Jiang Gongshan that labels convention appendix Ⅱ , United States to put forward (Corallium Spp. ) the relevant draft resolution that labels appendix Ⅱ is overruled. The United States recalled to build nation cardinal fish on the meeting (Pterapogon Kauderni) the draft resolution that labels CITES appendix Ⅱ , brazil recalled to label America langouste and smooth end langouste the draft resolution of CITES appendix Ⅱ before the meeting.
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