Jiang Zhenghua vice-chairman Vice-chairman Li Meng inspects Hainan fishery
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In the center of the Democratic Party of vice-chairman of standing committee of countrywide National People's Congress, farming labour chairman Jiang Zhenghua, in the center of the Democratic Party of vice-chairman of countrywide the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, farming labour standing vice-chairman Li Meng, came to led a group to save marine economy to develop a problem to undertake making an on-the-spot investigation in Hainan on June 5 on May 31, during inspect survey technically Hainan fishery circumstance. Cui Lifeng of deputy director general of bureau of Yang Jian of division of total economy of Ministry of Agriculture, fishery accompany make an on-the-spot investigation. Jiang Zhenghua inspected deep-sea breed aquatics to fine jade fishing of new residential quarter of county of water of fishing port of door of sea city Tan, hill discharges pot to breed the oil in mixing early or late all right science and technology develops limited company, pressed down a fisherman to have have an informal discussion with door of Tan of city of sea fining jade, listened to the problem that the fisherman reflects and opinion seriously, listened to Hainan to save government and branch of basic level fishery to develop the report of the circumstance about Hainan fishery.

Hainan fishery obtained rapid development in last few years, 2004 ~ 2006, aquatic product total output maintains the growth of two digit continuously, piscatorial income year all grow 7 % . Fishery of complete 2006 province increases a value to occupy agriculture to increase the 27 % of the value, occupy the 10 % that save gross domestic product completely, piscatorial income achieves 7006 yuan, aquatic product exit ranks province inland product the first, enter before the whole nation is coastal 6 first. Marine fishery is already preliminary form catch, breed, treatment and the industrial system that service line of business covers suitably, make the main component of marine economy, for Hainan progress of province economy society made important contribution. The investigation group saves the headway that gains in respect of fishery and development of marine and relevant estate and achievement to offer sufficient affirmation to Hainan, carry out implement scientific progress concept, the problem such as progress of modern economy of stimulative Hainan sea offerred opinion and proposal.

Jiang Zhenghua vice-chairman goes out in speaking middle finger, fishery is in it is safety of safeguard country food, important to increase the respect such as progress of society of piscatorial income, stimulative economy to have action, the stable health that wants stimulative fishery develops, for socialism construction of new rural area makes larger contribution. He emphasizes at the same time, development ocean should hold to " scientific development, develop integratedly, open development " . Piscatorial development wants those who notice resource to be able to use the protection with zoology environment continuously, the catching quantity of world marine fishery is already adjacent can catch a quantity most, our country also should strengthen research, can last of Nanhai for instance how many does catching quantity have after all, want to have serious investigation and study, accomplish science reasonable use. Outside catching except ocean, should promote development aquiculture trade, development aquatic product processes trade, development development market, extend industrial cable length, build contemporary fishery hard.
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