Jiang Zhenghua vice-chairman Vice-chairman Li Meng inspects Hainan fishery
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The leader such as Jiang Zhenghua cares manufacturing life problem of the fisherman very, listening attentively to Tan door fisherman carefully about Nasha production, fisher the problem of the respect such as venture of cost of construction of newer, fishing port, fuel, operation is mixed after the opinion, jiang Zhenghua expresses, be opposite with various government in the center of the difficulty of piscatorial masses and problem of rights and interests care very, had taken step of a few policy. Passed this year in March " matter right law " the form that is engaged in the fisherman the right use statute that breed and catchs gives safeguard, still can have later a series of measure of form a complete set. In the process that develops marine economy, must consider integratedly and coordinate the interest of each respect and conflict, cogent the legitimate rights and interests that safeguards a fisherman. Various government and the difficulty that concerned branch wants to be mirrorred to piscatorial masses and problem study seriously, help hard solve.

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