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Be honoured very much congress invites me to make thematic speech. My report title is " the aquiculture course of study that development can last, compose proposes new order of harmonious international trade " . I undertake elaborating from the following below.

One, the Chinese aquiculture line of business that expands continuously and the contribution to international trade

China is the country with an aquiculture long history, be in early 1200 old the Tang Chao before, green, careless, silver crap, Yong " 4 everybody fish " breed the dimensions with had been achieved certain artificially. 22 years ago, china is in promulgate " piscatorial law " when, establish " give priority to in order to raise " fishery develops policy, fishery development centre of gravity is transferred to aquaculture by catching course of study, this is major transition when Chinese fishery develops. 1988, chinese aquiculture crop exceeded catching output first. Through development of more than 20 years, chinese aquiculture course of study obtained brilliant result, to 2006, 68% what breed crop to hold total output of countrywide aquatic product, the piscatorial population that is engaged in breeding 1306 10 thousand people, large quantities of farmers cast off poverty through be engaged in aquiculture, walked up to become rich road.

The abidance of Chinese aquiculture course of study developed to lay a foundation to enlarge aquatic product commerce. Came 1985 2006 20 years, chinese aquatic product exports a quantity to grow 3.01 million tons from 120 thousand tons; Exit forehead rises 9.36 billion dollar from 270 million dollar. Current, china already formed those who export dimensions to breed breed to amount to more than 10 kinds, among them prawn, eel year exit forehead is achieved respectively 800 million with above of 700 million dollar. Breed a product to be close to to the contributive rate of export trade of Chinese aquatic product 50% .

Sum up the 20 development that come to China breed aquatic product international trade for years, when can we reach as follows experience:

(one) progress of support science and technology expands aquiculture line of business. Development breeds product international trade, must point international market requirement, the aquiculture breed that chooses to have an advantage and key develop area, support science and technology progresses, capture Yo mixes kind of Miao Fan breed crucial technology, strengthen thoroughbred breeding, introduce and popularize, raise aquatic epidemic disease to control capacity. 20 centuries brainpower of 80 time our country captures artificial grow seedlings and high yield breed Chinese prawn technology, 90 time capture European eel high yield breeds a technology, these two breed make the important variety that aquatic product exports. 90 time end machines need of slices of fish meat to suit, fish of Luo Fei of main attack big norms breeds a technology, collect blame fish be able to batch supplies an international market.
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