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(2) advance advantage region composition to increase development capacity. In last few years, chinese Ministry of Agriculture produces a characteristic according to the natural condition of our country and each district, consider demand of resources environment, market, scale of production, area as a whole the element such as basis of advantage, property, advance the region composition construction of aquatic product of advantage breed aquatics actively, optimize resource configuration, condense talent force, strengthen infrastructure to transform, attract a society to invest improvement to produce a condition, standardization production, standardization government is urged inside area, carry out health breed aquatics energetically, promoted high grade, efficient aquiculture and foreign trade development.

(3) strengthen quality safety to superintend provide safe raw material. In recent years, chinese government height takes safety of aquatic product quality seriously to manage, perfect relevant law and standard ceaselessly, strengthen aquiculture quality safety to supervise system construction, increase medical incomplete monitoring and punish, investigate violate the act that use drug; Drive producing area to maintain with product certification, carry out exit to detect date from system, base of strict exit raw material puts on record superintend; Strengthen water area environment to monitor, begin animal drug safety to evaluate zephyr danger to evaluate, accelerate new animal drug and vaccinal product research and development; Strengthen popular science education to groom, popularize technology of health breed aquatics, groom new-style breed aquatics fisherman. The course tries hard, china breeds incomplete of aquatic product medicine to control ability to increase, breed enterprise work up to have good operation standard and quality management system, aquatic product character measures safe state to have bigger improvement.

(4) development modernization machines course of study to promote an industry quality. To get used to the high level of the international market, in recent years, chinese aquatic product machines an enterprise to strengthen self-remoulding and ability promotion ceaselessly, the treatment of contemporary aquatic product that formed what standard of advanced, standard, sincere letter manages a batch of technologies to give priority to body with civilian battalion enterprise exports a company. These enterprises take an active part in competition on the international market, bibcock company of the industry is become in home, pull the contemporary fishery that moves aquiculture course of study to be on dimensions to change production, unifinication to manage stage by stage to develop way.

(5) active open market strengthens international communication. Although China is a developing country, but we still take an active part in globalization process, promote the global trade system that builds more fair freedom. While Chinese aquatic product moves toward the world, we also open market of Chinese aquatic product with positive attitude, reduce import custom duty substantially, begin build from trade division, also introduce experience of advanced manufacturing technology, management and food safety at the same time health of industry of aquiculture of concept stimulative China develops.
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