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2, the challenge that breeds development of aquatic product international trade to be faced with

Aquiculture course of study and breed aquatic product international trade to provide security of food of high grade animal albumen, safeguard for the mankind not only, grow in economy of stimulative developing country at the same time, eliminate poverty, increase obtain employment chance, enhance fishing farmer income, protection the respect such as marine resources environment is producing main effect. But, should see, restrict the element that breeds development of aquatic product international trade to return at present a lot of, have commerce environment problem, also have the problem that breeds manufacturing itself.

(one) problem of food safety standard. Protective consumer is healthy, just when rights and interests is governmental responsibility,defend consumer. Aquatic product of control breed aquatics uses drug, ensure product quality safety is in the world piscatorial group already became consensus. But, how to begin harm risk to evaluate, the quality safety standard that how establishs science, it is a complex process. In last few years, GB of a few entrances allows to emerge in endlessly, more and more severe, use green measure to control an entrance to already made a kind of trend. Understand according to us, shared 54 WTO member to refer 853 2005 only " executive sanitation and agreement of plant sanitation measure " bulletin, among them, the amount that involves food safety field is maximum, add up to 357. As a result of quality safety standard different, often cause needless consumptive panic and market wave motion between exit country and entrance country, cause the significant loss that breeds generator.

(2) the employ question that opposes dumping measure. In last few years, turn over dumping measure to already made the another important instrument of commerce of aquatic product of limitative breed aquatics. Although WTO " dumping and oppose dumping measure agreement " the business relation with aim to restrict each country to be destroyed through the dumping normal, but unfortunate is, this agreement is thought to had become member of a few WTO to protect its by more and more people the method of native market and production. Disregard each country to develop the difference of the respect such as cost of system of mode, management, labor in economy, subjective cognizance dumping profit margin, add the phenomenon that imposes castigatory sex custom duty to happen from time to tome at will, from this and cause trade issue and attrition to tend the situation of grow in quantity. Although the developing country relies on cheap labor to give saliva product favorable balance of trade,have 200 much dollars every year, but the gain that scores from which grinds because of the trade that increases increasingly however and become difficult, in current international trade, aquiculture course of study person often be in adverse position.

(3) problem of market admittance opportunity. Although tariff of developed country import is overall the level is very low, but, custom duty height and custom duty upgrade the problem still is, different level land is restricting a developing country to develop treatment further quality of industry of course of study, promotion, raise modern level. In the meantime, a few countries still set market admittance quota or custom duty quota, restrict the normal trade of aquatic product. In addition, appeared in last few years the tall, product certification that asks severe, program is complex approves a few start system and but date from standard, also increased aquatic product of developing country breed aquatics to enter the cost of the market and difficulty.
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