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(4) aquaculture oneself develops a problem. Basically have the following sides: It is to be able to raise water area resource to use unscientific, blind pursuit enlarge is large-scale, raise per unit area yield, breed disease grow in quantity, product quality safety is browbeaten. The 2 traditions that are dispersive type breed kind, restricting dimensions to turn the promotion that production and standardization breed. 3 it is as the developing country economy grows, the city changes a process to accelerate, a few water area pollute accentuation, environmental quality drops, produce adverse effect to the healthy progress of aquiculture course of study.

3, stimulative aquiculture industry can grow continuously, compose proposes order of harmonious aquatic product international trade

Current, the trend that world fishery resources fails had be notted turn round at all, international aquatic product will add demand newly to basically will rely on to develop aquaculture to offer henceforth. Look into future, aquiculture still is OK serve as somewhat, the principal property that can develop more quickly. Expand the aquiculture line of business that can last, want to promote an industry quality already, want to build favorable external environment again, strengthen international to cooperate.

Promote an industry quality, want to establish science to develop a concept namely, the breed aquatics that explores health ceaselessly mode, solve problem of good feed, environment, construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model aquiculture course of study, have production according to international standard, overall change grows way, improve development quality. Want to strengthen aquiculture program and infrastructure construction, advancing safety of quality of system of primary thoroughbred system, disease prevention and cure, system of standardization, aquatic product to superintend body is construction, last for aquiculture course of study healthy progress provides safeguard.

Build favorable external environment, should build the order of aquatic product international trade of fair justice namely, build the environment of aquatic product international trade with harmonious and open, orderly competition. We think, stimulative aquatic product is reasonable of commerce order build, should follow 3 principles: It is to be helpful for developing country and developed country establishing normal business relation, realize equal mutual benefit, open win-win; 2 it is the growth that is helpful for contented consumption demand and safety of safeguard world food; 3 it is to be helpful for promoting conserve of environment of resources modes of life and relation to their environment, stimulative person and natural harmony, have trade in order to bear the blame with the means that can last.

For this, we initiate: Should make science reasonable, proper, exercisable technology code or standard. Aggrandizement risk evaluates effect, the venture that establishs science evaluates a mechanism, standard of aquatic product security is established on scientific analysis and objective assessment base. Establish technical code the standard should consider a developing country bear ability, should implement these code to the developing country standard time. 2 should handle affairs strictly according to WTO trade regulation. Rely on penalty, punish one-sidedly, cannot solve the problem that exists in commerce truly. Should prevent to abuse oppose dumping measure or technical safe level, making established rule or practice be mixed diaphaneity should increase when executive regulation, want to resolve commerce difference through dialog and negotiation. 3 should drive all sorts of attestation in order. Want to strengthen the guidance of all sorts of pair of attestation standards, prevent its to make the camp of market admittance, the manufacturing level that should consider most developing country at the same time and acceptance. 4 should cogent drive commerce liberalizes and commerce advantage is changed. Abolish quota, cut down custom duty height and custom duty to upgrade, offer transparent, efficient, quick involve an environment, simplify further discrepancy condition formalities, rise concern efficiency.
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