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Strengthen international to cooperate, should begin the economy that involves aquiculture course of study and product trade development, technology, management, service, information extensively to wait namely all-around collaboration. From inside development effective demand of the member sets out, increase the support that builds to developing country ability, cogent the specific aim that increases economic technology support and actual effect sex. Strengthen each country the communication between and communicate, act on the manner of seek common points while reserving difference, seek each increase hand in collect a place, clear the air, promotional understanding, promotional and trustful. Should highlight play aquiculture of grain farming organization is divided appoint the action of the international organization such as net of center of aquiculture of meeting, each area and network.

Each guest, ladies, gentlemen, enter 21 centuries, bear of aquiculture course of study is worn the historical important task that revitalizes fishery, develop and had safeguarded breed aquatic product commerce, will right aquiculture industry can grow continuously, the demand that contented mankind increases to aquatic product has important sense. Let us carry a hand to come, build fishery of new order of commerce of harmonious aquatic product, stimulative world to develop with prosperity joint efforts for compose.

Thank everybody.

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