Project of fishery of rice field of survey of Sun Yuanliang of secretary of Liao
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During survey, bureau of beacon city aquatic product reported the condition that fishery of local rice field develops to Sun Yuanliang's secretary, sun Yuanliang's secretary returns the farmer masses with place kind chat, understand the field project situation of rice field fishery in detail. Sun Shu wrote down the working result that obtains in recent years to fishery of this city rice field to offer sufficient affirmation, raised specific requirement to next development of fishery of this city rice field: Demonstrative project of fishery of rice field zoology is one of demonstrative projects that this municipal government assists farmer masses to adjust industrial structure, already took shape now. Whole town should rise to breed maneuverability and the recognition that receive a meaning more to one ground to the rice field further, increase on pilot foundation breed an area, the branch increases the strength of support agriculture even related each, it is with science and technology prop up, do well service, stress good typical case, fan out from point to area; Distant is in relief situation is advantageous, had compared traffic, climate, irrigation works, earthy condition, fishery of development rice field is having advantaged requirement, do well inside larger area program, form dimensions, develop rice field fishery actively, it is stereo develop and adjust agricultural industry structure, raise the optimal pattern of farmer income; The development of rice field fishery will give brand of rice of high grade fish for this city creation, add for farmer increase production close, adjust agricultural industry structure to enter gave a good way, make distant in relief city forms the manufacturing base of an advantage breed.

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