Chinese aquatic product learns 8 4 board enlarged meeting to be held in Guangxi
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On November 20, 2007, chinese aquatic product learns 8 4 board enlarged meeting to be held in big public house of Guangxi Guilin landscape, tang Qisheng's director moderates.

The conference listened to the report that Chinese aquatic product learned academic annual meeting to prepare circumstance and conference arrangement 2007. The conference agrees with each content that annual meeting of learning of society of Chinese aquatic product booked 2007 and agenda arrangement.

The conference was listened to institutional job report reached Chinese aquatic product to worked 2008 2007 key. The conference thinks, in Ministry of Agriculture and Chinese division assist right leader issues those who reach concerned unit to support energetically, chinese aquatic product learned to do a lot of works 2007, each job all obtained better result. Report working summary is objective pair 2007, but the working summary that does to the place of each branch is insufficient. To working 2008 the key is arranged, the conference thinks thinking is clear, the target is specific, the key is outstanding. The conference asks to learn secretariat to be imagined by the plan, had caught fulfil the job. Serious attention is undermentioned the job of 4 respects, regard the key job 2008 as to stress a result its. The first, work around piscatorial key, party of society of play aquatic product and the bridge of Scientists and Technologists of governmental connection aquatic product and bond action, rely on Scientists and Technologists of broad aquatic product and membership, what involve to fishery and development of piscatorial science and technology is directional, strategical problem of difficulty, heat builds character actively to make suggestions, carry out science and education to allow a country hard strategy of the strategy, talent powerful nation and can develop the strategy continuously, stimulative fishery economy good rapid development. The 2nd, had done seriously " Chinese aquatic product learns award of Fan Li science and technology " evaluation works. Want scientific plan, careful arrangement, elaborate organization, produce the drive that science and technology rewards and oriented effect truly, encourage and guide Scientists and Technologists of broad aquatic product to devote career of aquatic product science and technology. The 3rd, it is good to prepare an organization meticulously Chinese aquatic product learned academic annual meeting 2008. Hold the rule that current course develops hard, develop adequately advocate channel action, transform an activity hard bureau be confined to the practice of this region of this course, competence, major, our region, organize the annual meeting of interdisciplinary, large omnibus learning that crosses a region, I can be in progressively establish the authority of sphere of learning, make an activity " brand " , those who promote an activity " high-quality goods is changed " . The 4th, want to strengthen the connection that learns to local aquatic product and guidance further, bring member of society of local aquatic product, unit into play adequately to wait for each concerned respect enthusiasm, communicate closely, form interactive, enlarge learns cohesive affinity greatly.
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