To promote the first professional Chinese Fishing Club Challenge battle down so
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2010 First National Fishing Club Challenge Finals will be held October 15-16 at Wen County in Henan Province, after 10 qualifying points, from all 60 teams come to the fore, will host teams and the Fishing Association in Henan Province Wen County of Henan team to join the last finals. National Fishing Club Challenge is a new event is to promote the sport of professional fishing, fishing tournament homogeneity change our pattern of activities to create a new era of fishing events for the mission. Challenge The contest has a new mechanism, a comprehensive event planning, flexible host conditions, have been completed, starting from May Henan Station, Hubei Station, Station of Guangdong, Chongqing Station, Station of Guangxi, Jiangsu Station, Station of Shanxi, Hebei Station Ningxia stations, ten stations in Shandong points race qualifier, unprecedented, extraordinary influence, the undertaker, business partners, the race leader and the participating athletes, all of them enthusiastic. Currently, the total resolution of Henan Race organizers are ready to wait for a go separate ways fishing master. Sport Fishing Association, the Chinese hope to the National Fishing Club Challenge, accomplishing in two years time a well-known event brand. And through this event will be held, to promote China's development of professional sport fishing.