Autumn is the golden season of autumn fishing fishing fishing when the weather
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Autumn is cool, fish fertilizer clear, sit staring, worth practice. Autumn harvest season is not only crops, but also the golden season of the year fishing. After the autumn, "a burst of cool autumn wind", air temperature, water temperature began to The daily average dropped to 22 ℃ below. Fish enter the fattening period, and for good nutrition for winter. At this point the fish fertilizer, groups of cruising, appetite, especially a good catch. Song Lu You's "Autumn rural home," said: "Mountain Rain started falling duck Head in water, River Cloud thin scales days. Quiet smile and beam find nothing, lupine species of bamboo branches fishing boat. "You can see how the poet longing for fall fishing! First, the selective fishing Autumn fishing, the choice is very important when fishing. When fishing the best fishing in autumn, according to early autumn, the autumn of late autumn season and the weather. 1. Early fall fishing should be sooner or later. Early autumn afternoon, the weather is still hot, the water temperature is still relatively high, more fish in the deep water area "cool", very little to shore shallow waters to feed. But the morning and evening, air temperature, water temperature in the relative ratio Afternoon low, the fish swim to the shore in shallow water more than to carry out "breakfast", "dinner." Therefore, the best fishing early autumn morning and evening when fishing. Therefore fishing saying: "I would rather catch a moment sooner or later, do not catch a half-day at noon." "Sooner or later, a fishing Array, home meal. "" As early as fishing, night fishing, noon to catch a 'toad'. " 2. Zhongqiu Yi fishing all day. Zhongqiu bright and sunny, the weather becoming cooler, air temperature, water temperature moderate, more than the fish swimming in the shallow shore, feeding, appetite, and looked for food, bait is high, this season can catch all day. Chung Fall fishing, it is "autumn rebound, good fishing is not hot nor cold; autumn fish fertilizer, fish catch was leisurely and Weng." 3. Late autumn should be fishing at noon. North and south in late autumn air temperature, water temperature significantly different. South temperature, water temperature moderate, is still the best fishing season, fishing can still be applied throughout the day, hooking considerable amount. But the arrival of the North a case of cold, snow Fly, ice and snow. Apart from noon to catch a fish, the other time the fishing is nothing. Overall, the research "time" to comply "when", only together "time", fishing may be a good harvest; I do not know "when", missed the "when", also substandard, "when the" little fish harvest. Second, the fishing position, the choice of fishing spots 1. Fishway. That fish habitat and swimming regularly, feeding a necessary way. Fishing saying: "Fish are fish passage, birds are birds Road, find the fish way, a series of bait." Fish and bird, because of their behavior and external natural conditions Effects, often clustered into certain waters, no long-distance travel to distant lands. However, to feeding, reproduction, survival, we need to undertake a certain distance of migration. They walk the line, there is a certain regularity, is not without Objectives. After the field reaches anglers fishing, to look closely, identify frequent fish habitats of the fish channel. Identify fish passage after they nest here, do spread the bait fishing spots to play. 2. Feeding place. Fall fishing in the pond, feeding the fish pond in front of the main regular feeding, left and right side, the fish often inhabit here, come and go, this is fishway. Caesar here to play Wo do bait fishing spots, often can get a good Harvest. 3. Dirty place. "Dirty", that is, the water, aquatic plants, bottom with debris, rocks and so on. The fall of rivers, reservoirs, lakes fishing, fish way more in the aquatic side, near rocks, potholes place along the lower slopes, underwater messy place, no Convergence with the water quality, shallow and deep water and still water with the junction of the bifurcation rivers, reservoirs and other communication branch. Due to proliferation of these places to breed and gather worms, shrimp, fish delicacies they will naturally move To a variety of fish, but will not stay for long walk, so where is the best fishing spots in autumn fishing. If a river without water plants, even a lock of weeds, a black sheep, fishing spots are to be elected here, stronger than the light water zone. Smooth flat Be kept in place the whole fish, catch rate is not high. Therefore fishing saying: "Fishing does not catch the grass, mostly Baipao." "Grass fishing fishing light, fishing net fishing is not dirty." 4. Various oxygen. Fish as much as the human demand for oxygen, aerobic is Huan, appetite; hypoxia is not food, or even "turn pond" death. The richest areas of oxygen in water is the most fish, the most active foraging sites Is often fish habitat, haunt the place. Flow of water in the churn, it is easy to dissolve in the water of oxygen in the air. Therefore, the entrance of still water, artificial fish pond aerator at, are like fish habitat, haunt. Therefore fishing saying: "into the outlet, the fish go." "Oxygen machine, sound too Huan, where the fish love to swim." Windy shore when the wind, in addition to a large number of plankton, aquatic plants, leaves, etc. are to wind, the waves also give water Oxygen increased, fish like to inhabit here, look for food. Autumn rains, the oxygen in the air can also dissolve in water. Fishing after the rain, the opportunity is precious, so the fishing saying Yun: "no wind, no fishing, good fishing, the wind." "The wind After the rain, fishing harvest. " 5. Pit Department. Fishing saying: "Spring Fishing Beach, overcast summer fishing, fall fishing deep, Dongdiao Yang." Reverse the fall and spring, when the weather is getting cold, the fall in temperature is hot, the air temperature dropped to 4 ℃, 1 米deep water, the temperature Is 10 ~ 15 ℃; temperature in about 8 ℃, 2 meters deep, the temperature is still above 20 ℃. Thus, many live in deep water plankton, and not to the water, many plankton-eating fish, swim to deep water are Area habitat, feeding, especially big fish in deep water significantly increased the time of life, so the chance of hooking a big fish and more. Pit, referring to depth of 1 to 4 meters, where more than fish habitat, activities, fishing in such a pit, efficiency Results are good. Fishing pond, is not more depth in the water fishing Click the better? That no. More than 6 meters above the deep water, insufficient light, and oxygen content is low, the lack of natural food, the fish do not like where habitats of Any higher fish hook! 6. Hua tip. Fishing saying: "Autumn fishing tip." "Sharp", that is at the shore is also convex. Hua, also known as convex at the tip. Autumn, the fish especially big fish cruising the channels of their common farther offshore, and Hua pointed into the water as compared When the rod extension. Hua tip is that the fish swimming, food must pass through, but also the best fish passage. Choice fishing spots fishing bit here, not only make the bait thrown far away, also left open fishing, with great mobility. Zhongqiu Before and after the nutrition of fish there for the winter savings bulimia peak, and gradually migrate deep. Then select fishing spots fishing spade bit tip, but also show its energy and more fishing, catch a big fish superiority. Third, the choice of fishing gear Fall fishing, you should use a hard hand-pole transfer, to a large number of hooks, fishing line also thicker. Because of the fall season, unlike other fish, they are a great time eating mouth open, to see the bait to devoured. Small hooks, Hook the fish head is not easy, even if the hook, and also easy to decouple. Thin fishing line, and fishing in the big fish, easy to break the fish to escape. Soft rod, fish, stroll in the water a long time, over time can easily run fish. Hard tune hand pole, the fish can reduce the stroll Time, after a few rounds, you can quickly it from the "fish room" pulled the human world. Fourth, the choice of bait Fall fishing, bait, bait is very particular about. Because of the fall fish appetite, digestion and strong, in addition to a large appetite, but also requires protein-rich, sugar and more vitamins and more bait. Bait should be thicker, when playing Wo Sprinkle some more. To "musk rice", "drug-meter", fermented mixed feed, brewer's grains,  sweet potatoes, tender corn kernels, cooked thoroughly cooked corn kernels as the old superior. Bait to fine some meat bait to nematodes, red worms, earthworms , Cockroaches, grasshoppers, flies, maggots, snail meat is better, prime bait to bread, cakes, rice cakes and add sesame oil, sugar, melted and dough, tender corn kernels, dried corn kernels,  sweet potato granules, corn cake, brewer's grains of wheat is not bad Son, corn as well. Grass carp, is very interested on special lines Cao Jian, and particularly like to eat, bite rate. Fifth, should be flexible Diaofa Fall fishing, Diaofa be flexible. Early autumn, the autumn of late autumn air temperature, water temperature difference, Diaofa are not the same. If the carp fishing, fishing should be early fall sooner or later, fishing side, bottom fishing, winter pen can be making more, alternating back and forth Under the hook, you can do, "East West does not shine bright." In case of hot weather, the bottom fishing is not, to float fishing, float fishing a half. Early autumn, the autumn of Diaofa to move mainly to find fish on the hook. Method is better late autumn Zeyi tease, pull to ground , To slow, small amplitude, induced fish hook. If grass carp fishing, early autumn, the autumn of the float fishing, float fishing half mainly Zeyi the end of fishing is better late autumn. If fishing carp, fishing should be defensive, so fishing proverb says: "To keep carp fishing." Not like " Superficial ", East West, a hammer stick a waste of time, and nothing; can not sit back and wait, the old house in a nest die and so on. Observed carp fish star, star fish can expel carp fishing, the bait Gently hook Put the fish in front of the star most likely to catch carp.