Longshan Town the eighth held in the "China Star Cup" game fishing
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Recently, organized by the Longshan Town People's Government, Ningbo Huaxing Tyre Co., Ltd. in association with the eighth, Longshan Town, "China Star" Cup Fishing Competition held in the village of Xu. Competition attracted 19 teams town near fishing enthusiasts to participate in more than 70. Learned that the fishing competition is divided into individual awards and team awards, personal achievements to the audience for two hours total by the total number of fish a ranking, group ranking results depends on the sum of the total members. 8:30 am race start on time, after two hours of intense competition, from the village of Wu Wei Ye Xu finally 7.2 kg of the total score achieved in this first person game fishing, Haidian Rong village representative team won the group first A. "China Star Cup" game fishing has so far carried out the first eight years, it has become a tradition in my town, sporting events, the majority of fishing fans.